Required Campus Visits

These graduate programs require periodic campus visits.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

BSN to DNP and Post-MSN DNP students have the opportunity to visit campus three times during their academic program.

Students attend a one-day orientation in the first semester of their program. This is a mandatory event for all DNP students. The Fall 2023 orientation will be held virtually via livestream. (Note: Nurse Anesthesia students attend a separate orientation session.)

  • Fall 2023 Orientation: August 14, 8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. EDT, via livestream (More details will be provided following admission confirmation.)

In addition, DNP students have the opportunity to visit campus during a DNP summer workshop. This half-day workshop focuses on understanding, preparing, writing and presenting the DNP project. This event is optional, but highly encouraged to help create a successful DNP project.

Finally, students are required to visit campus during their final semester to defend their DNP project and participate in the University of Cincinnati Commencement Ceremony.

Nurse Midwifery MSN Online

Nurse Midwifery MSN online students are required to attend two on-site clinical skills intensives during their program of study. Clinical skills intensives (CSI) are allow students to learn and demonstrate advanced clinical skills and critical thinking through experiential learning, before live client encounters in clinical practice.

The first skills training program is called CSI 1 (two days) and the second is called CSI 2 (three days). The two time frames for attendance have been carefully selected so that students can demonstrate competency before entering specific clinical courses. CSI 1 occurs the first week of the semester in which the student is enrolled in Primary Care of Episodic Illnesses Practicum (ANW8006) and CSI 2 is the first week of the semester in which the student is enrolled in Intrapartum NM II Practicum (ANW8062).

Psych-Mental Health Post-MSN Certificate

Psych-Mental Health students are required to attend a mandatory, two-day Psych-Mental Health intensive during their first semester. Psych-Mental Health intensives are virtual and typically scheduled the Wednesday and Thursday of the sixth week of the semester (with the exception of Fall 2020). Students will receive more details in an email prior to the start of the semester.

Scheduled Visit Dates
Semester Admitted
Spring 2024 Feb. 14-15 Virtual (via Live Stream)
Summer 2024 June 12-13 Virtual (via Live Stream)
Fall 2024 Oct. 2-3 Virtual (via Live Stream)

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