BSN Program Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate tuition is determined by the college program location and cohort groups based on your academic year of admission. Cohort groups relate to the Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee that locks in your rate for the length of your program.

A — Students who meet definitions as Ohio residents, and students eligible and certified following application for Indiana Reciprocity or Kentucky Reciprocity

B — Eligible students from Kentucky or Indiana locations certified following application for UC's Metropolitan (Metro) Rate

C — Students ineligible for Ohio or Metro tuition rates

D — Per Hour rate is charged when part-time or in addition to full-time rate when enrolled in excess hours for a term

E — Full-time is flat semester rate for 12-18 hours for undergraduate students and 10-18 for graduate

F — Per Year is for traditional, full-time, 2-term enrollment (usually fall and spring terms)

G — NCLEX Review Learning Program is a flat fee charged once per term in the fall, spring and summer terms only to students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Accelerated Direct-Entry Master of Science in Nursing program. This fee does not apply to RN-BSN Online program students.

H — Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance is a flat fee charged once per academic year (starting in fall) and is charged if the student is not covered by Student Health Insurance. This fee does not apply to non-matriculated students or RN-BSN Online program students.

Tuition Guarantee

The Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee is a cohort-based program that sets tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board at a consistent rate for up to four or five years depending on the length of a student's academic program. Degree-seeking first-year and transfer students enrolling at our Uptown or regional campuses are eligible.

The Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee will also apply to incoming first-year and transfer undergraduate students entering in future years at a tuition rate that may be slightly higher based on the average consumer price index.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Undergraduate Admissions Tuition Guarantee page.

Calculating Cost

Students typically complete the bachelor's program in eight full-time semesters. Full-time tuition applies to any undergraduate student registered for 12 to 18 credit hours. Students who register for fewer than 12 credit hours are designated part time.

Program Fee

The listed program fee covers the eMedley and clinical faculty to maintain the Ohio Board of Nursing's stated faculty/student ratio.

Additional Expenses

Students will incur additional program costs, especially at the beginning of the second year when clinical experiences start. Costs vary for items, which include a bag of supplies, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, analog wrist watch (with second hand), UC scrubs and shoes. In addition, students must pay an initial critical requirements fee of $170, along with any insurance co-pay amounts for required immunizations. Subequently, students must pay a renewal fee of about $100 in their third and fourth years.

For general information and guides on University of Cincinnati student expenses, visit the Tools & Resources section under Financial Aid.