PhD in Nursing Tuition & Fees

Important Information about Tuition and Fees

The rates provided are based on 2022-23 totals set by the university and could change in future academic years. Estimates also could change based on the following:

  • Change of state of residence
  • Change in enrollment status (i.e., full time or part time)
  • Other unforseen circumstances
On-Campus and Hybrid Graduate Nursing Programs Tuition Rates
Enrollment Ohio Resident
Metro Resident
(KY or IN)
Part Time (9 credits or fewer)
$746 per credit
$771 per credit
$1,333 per credit
Full Time (10 credits or more)
$7,451 per semester
$7,701 per semester
$13,322 per semester

Metro and non-Ohio residents who move to Ohio pay in-state tuition rates once residency is officially established.