The UC Nursing Advantage

The lifeblood and connective tissue of health care, nursing is currently one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country but, despite that growth, demand is outpacing supply, causing worrying implications for patients and health care providers alike.

On the forefront of nursing education for more than 130 years, we are more committed than ever to equipping a diverse and culturally compe­tent group of nurses who improve health outcomes for our community and raise the standard of health care for people and our profession, in any role they choose—clinician, scientist, educator or mentor.

Our mission is to ensure our graduates are empowered to think critically; advocate for patients and the profession; and explore, generate and apply nursing knowledge in any setting. We make that happen by leveraging technology and innovation, embracing equity and inclusion, promoting interprofessional collaboration and enabling experiential learning.

A significant part of our efforts is focused on attracting and retaining the best of the best by leveraging technology to provide innovative education; implementing initiatives that increase recruitment, admission and retention of a culturally competent, diverse student body; fostering an environment of inclusive excellence; or by creating scholarship opportunities.

We are honored to have the opportunity to educate a passionate, intelligent group of leaders to continue our legacy by creating and inspiring change in the way we practice, by developing new knowledge, creating new products or being a positive force within the global community.

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