Tuition & Fees

2022-23 Academic Year

University Tuition
  Part-Time/Credit Hour
Instructional Fee
General Fee 33 398
Distance Learning Fee
15 184
Ohio Resident Total
$549 $6,588
Non-Resident Surcharge
Non Resident Total
$564 $6,768
College Undergraduate Fees
Program Fee
$29 $338

Tuition Guarantee

The Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee is a cohort-based program that sets tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board at a consistent rate for up to four or five years, depending on the length of a student's academic program. Incoming first-year students pursuing associate degrees who have a bachelor's degree path or students in associate degree programs who plan to pursue a full bachelor's degree are covered by the Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee for four years upon beginning their studies at UC.

The Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee will also apply to incoming first-year and transfer undergraduate students entering in future years at a tuition rate that may be slightly higher based on the average consumer price index.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Undergraduate Admissions Tuition Guarantee page.

Calculating Your Tuition

Full-time students typically finish their degree in two semesters. In this case, your total tuition and fees are based on two semesters of the full-time rate. Alternatively, the part-time tuition and fees are calculated on a per-credit-hour basis. Because the program is 27 credit hours, your tuition would be 27 times the part-time rate.

You are considered a full-time student when enrolled in courses totaling 12 credit hours or more.