RN to BSN Online Program Tuition & Fees

Tuition for UC's RN-BSN Online program is covered by the Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee that locks in your rate for the length of your program.

RN to BSN Online Program Tuition and Fees (Academic Year 2022-2023)
  Part Time/Credit Hour
Full Time/Term
Ohio Resident   $549
Non-Ohio Resident $564 $6,768
Program Fee $29 $338

The estimated total cost of 27 nursing credits in UC's RN to BSN Online program is $13,852 to $17,197 (based on academic year 2022-2023 tuition and fees). 

The total cost estimate is calculated on the lower end by adding together two semester's tuition and fees (for students pursuing their degree full time). The total cost estimate on the higher end is calculated by multiplying the tuition cost and program fee by 27, which is the total number of nursing credit hours required for the program. This estimated range does not include any general education courses that students may need to complete as part of the program.