Accelerated MSN Program Courses

UC College of Nursing's Accelerated Direct-Entry MSN program requires 64 credit hours in five semesters.

Full-Time Semester Schema
Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3

NURS 7002* (3 Credits, 2nd half)
Health Issues of Vulnerable & Marginalized Populations

AMSN 7016C (9 Credits)
Accelerated Fundamentals of Patient-Centered Care

AMSN 7032C (4 Credits)
Accelerated Patient-Centered Care in Mental Health Nursing

AMSN 7024C (6 Credits)
Accelerated Patient-Centered Care for Nursing Care of the Adult

NURS 8004* (3 Credits)
Biostatistics for Evidence-Based Practice

AMSN 7022C (4 Credits, 1st half)
Accelerated Family-Centered Care in Obstetrical Nursing  

AMSN 7020C (4 Credits, 2nd half)
Accelerated Family-Centered Care in Pediatric Nursing

AMSN 7038 (3 Credits)
Introduction to the Professional Nurse as Leader and Manager of Care

NURS 8008* (3 Credits)
Health Care Policy

Semester 4 Semester 5  

AMSN 7040C (5 Credits)
Accelerated Population, Public & Community Health Nursing

NURS 8002* (3 Credits)
Theoretical Basis for Clinical Reasoning

AMSN 6060* (3 Credits)
Informatics for Professional Nurses

AMSN 7044 (2 Credits)
Simulation: Reframing Skills, Knowledge, Behaviors & Attitudes

AMSN 7043C (9 Credits)
Accelerated Patient-Centered Care for Adults with Complex Health Concerns

NURS 8006* (3 Credits)
Research & Best Evidence for Clinical Reasoning

*Online Course