Our research continues to grow and expand as we work to transform health care for the better. Our researchers collaborate across disciplines to tackle some of today’s most challenging issues – from the nation’s opioid crisis to workplace violence – and improve the health of patients and populations.

Research Assistance

To assist researchers and facilitate scholarly activity, we offer several services within the college. Our Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS) offers the infrastructure researchers need to ensure they can dedicate time to their research interests. Part of INRS, our Center for Educational Research, Scholarship and Innovation (CERSI) fosters excellence in research and innovation to improve teaching, learning and educational outcomes in nursing.

Strategic Goals

We are working to significantly increase both the number of externally funded grants and associated research dollars. One of our strategic goals at the college is to be a model of best research in selective areas that is recognized for being cutting-edge and interprofessional, and we plan to achieve this with five strategies:

  • Expand our research portfolio so that it is interdisciplinary and reflects both depth in strengths and breadth in focused areas.
  • Promote a collegial research and scholarship culture that supports sustained quality and rigor.
  • Strengthen research and scholarship support mechanisms including coaching, professional development and succession in planning.
  • Maximize student research and scholarship through mentorship.
  • More fully integrate nursing in the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training efforts.