Donna Martsolf

Research at the College of Nursing is diverse and expanding. We have faculty investigating many areas including violence prevention, addictions, health disparities, teaching/learning, and changing health behaviors. We are working to advance our visibility both at the university and nationally through significantly increasing the numbers of externally funded grants and the research dollars associated with them. We will continue and expand our focus on conducting research that impacts the daily lives of people by working with them to improve their health.

Strategic Goals for Research

One of the strategic goals of the College of Nursing is to be a model of best research in selective areas that is recognized for being cutting edge and inter-professional. The College of Nursing has developed four strategies to achieve this goal:

  • Expand research portfolio: depth in strengths, breadth in focused areas, and interdisciplinary.
  • Promote a collegial research and scholarship culture that supports sustained quality and rigor.
  • Strengthen research and scholarship support mechanisms including coaching, professional development and succession in planning.
  • Maximize student research and scholarship through mentorship.


  • The Institute for Nursing Research and Scholarship (INRS):
    • Provides the infrastructure to facilitate the scholarly activities of both faculty members and students in the College.
    • Provides support in obtaining extramural funding through pre-award grant development resources and post-award support.
    • Promotes scholarly excellence through research interest groups, a writing support group, statistical consultation, and a Visiting Scholars Program.
    • Provides individual consultation and support for the conduct of research and scholarship.
  • The Center for Educational Research, Scholarship & Innovation (CERSI):
    • Provides resources for faculty interested in research and scholarship related to education.