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2022-23 Tuition for All Graduate Programs






All Graduate Programs

Per Credit HourD




Per Full-time TermE




Per Full-time YearF




Additional Fees for Online Graduate Programs
Online Program Fee (excludes Nurse Educator Certificate program)
$563 $563
Bloodborne Pathogen InsuranceH
$31 $31
Additional Fees for On-Campus Graduate Programs
On-Campus Program Fee
$34 $338
NCLEX Review Learning ProgramG
Bloodborne Pathogen InsuranceH
Anesthesia Simulation Lab FeeI
$250 $250

A — Students who meet definitions as Ohio residents, and students eligible and certified following application for Indiana Reciprocity or Kentucky Reciprocity

B — Eligible students from Kentucky or Indiana locations certified following application for UC's Metropolitan (Metro) Rate

C — Students ineligible for Ohio or Metro tuition rates

D — Per Hour rate is charged when part-time or in addition to full-time rate when enrolled in excess hours for a term

E — Full-time is flat semester rate for 12-18 hours for undergraduate students and 10-18 for graduate

F — Per Year is for traditional, full-time, 2-term enrollment (usually fall and spring terms)

G — NCLEX Review Learning Program is a flat fee charged once per term in the fall, spring and summer terms only to students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Accelerated Direct-Entry Master of Science in Nursing program. This fee does not apply to RN-BSN Online program students.

H — Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance is a flat fee charged once per academic year (starting in fall) and is charged if the student is not covered by Student Health Insurance. This fee does not apply to non-matriculated students or RN-BSN Online program students.

I — The Anesthesia Simulation Lab Fee is charged per term to students enrolled in a graduate Nurse Anesthia Program.