BSN Program Admissions

Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing students demonstrate academic excellence and possess characteristics required of nurse leaders. Learn more about our requirements and the application process.

Application Deadlines

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Deadlines
Direct-entry admission (Priority deadline*) Nov. 1
Direct-entry admission Dec. 1
Second-year admission (transfer and transition students)
Feb. 28

*Applicants who submit their application by the priority deadline of Nov. 1 have a higher chance of participating in Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI), a key component of our holistic admissions process.

Application Information

UC College of Nursing accepts applications for direct admission (for high school students) and sophomore admission (for transfer/transition students). More information:

  • Direct Admission (for high school students)
  • Sophomore Admission (for transfer students from outside institutions or transition students from other UC majors, UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont)

Changes to Transcript Requirements for Sophomore Admission due to COVID-19

UC College of Nursing chose to maintain the traditional grading process, rather than offer a Pass/Fail option for Spring 2020 courses. Those who took courses in Spring 2020 and plan to apply for sophomore admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program should choose one of two options:

  1. If you have the option to choose between a letter grade or P/F on your transcript, choose to have your letter grade posted; or
  2. If you attend a college or university that has chosen not to list the letter grade you earned on your transcript, you will be required to submit a letter from your professor that provides the letter grade you earned in the course required for admissions. We recommend you communicate this need with your faculty now so they are prepared to provide this letter for you at the end of the term.