For students who plan to attend UC's commencement ceremony, here are answers to frequently asked questions, information about your required regalia for the event and links to additional resources.

Commencement FAQ

Commencement ceremony dates are posted to UC's Commencement Office site. Feel free to check this site for updates and please monitor your email for graduation-related outreach. You are also welcome to email with any questions regarding the commencement ceremony.

Honor cords and stole are far less common at the graduate level than the undergraduate level, in part because of there are no honors designations in graduate programs. However, some students choose to purchase/wear cords or stole from an honor society they joined. Nothing prevents students from wearing cords and stole! Just know that it is not as common and is not expected.

After the graduation application closes, the Commencement Office will reach out to all doctoral students to gather information on who will be hooding the graduates. This will be your opportunity to identify the person hooding you.

Please email to let them know that you would like to change your RSVP. They appreciate knowing you can no longer attend so they have an accurate count when assigning guest tickets.

Email Angie Cook to request a late add to the Commencement RSVP list. Please note that this does not guarantee you guest tickets as these are assigned based on the original responses in the graduation application.

If you change your mind before the application closes, you should be able to log back into your graduation application and change your RSVP. Log into Catalyst, go to Apply to Graduate, select Summer and then click through the application. Your prior selections and information will be there and you can change your RSVP selection. Hit next and it will give you a check mark.

The number of guest tickets varies each semester, since it is based on the number of students participating and the capacity of the venue. The Commencement Office will send an email explaining the process of securing your guest tickets and the maximum number you can receive.

Tentatively, yes! The Commencement Office plans to live stream the commencement ceremonies. More information will be available on their website.


Master's students: you can buy your Commencement regalia through the UC Bookstore. Please note that this website is often refreshed in between graduation cycles, so if you are viewing the website a few months in advance, it is possible that the information has not yet been updated for the upcoming Commencement. Please check back regularly.

  • Degree information for your hood: enter Master of Science in Nursing

Doctoral students: you can buy your Commencement regalia through Jostens. You have the option of selecting the standard regalia or upgrading to a finer quality (often desired if you intend to wear your regalia as faculty in the future). Please note: there is a deadline for ordering doctoral regalia. Please refer to the Graduate College graduation website.

Expectations and Tips for Wearing your Regalia

Here's what you need to know about your regalia and how to wear it. For full details about the components of the regalia and the traditions behind them, visit the American Council on Education's Academic Regalia page.


  • Master's: sleeves are elongated and closed on the end of the “tail”
  • Doctoral: open sleeves with three velvet chevrons on the upper arm


Both Master of Science in Nursing and Doctorate of Nursing Practice wear a hood with apricot to indicate the discipline. PhD graduates will wear a hood with dark blue.

  • Master's: you should come to the ceremony already wearing your hood, and you will leave it on for the duration of Commencement.
    • The hood should go over top any cords or stole you are wearing.
  • Doctoral: it is OK to come to the Commencement ceremony already wearing your hood, since you will be taking pictures with the event photographers before taking your seat. After taking the photos, remove your hood and drape it over your arm so that you can be officially hooded later in the ceremony.
    • The hood should go over top any cords or stole you are wearing.


Location of the tassel stays the same at the graduate level; only undergraduates move the tassel during the ceremony (because this signifies one's first college degree). Position your tassel on the left side of your cap (Master's) or tam (Doctoral/PhD).


Fasten your hood to your gown using the cord on the front of the hood and the button on the inside of your gown. This helps to keep your hood from sitting uncomfortably on your neck.

If the cord is too long to keep your hood secure, add another knot in the cord and secure the hood above the new knot.