Getting Started

Congratulations on your admission to UC College of Nursing's Accelerated Direct-Entry MSN program! As you prepare for your first semester on campus, follow these steps to ensure a successful start.

1. Apply for financial aid

Students in the Accelerated Direct-Entry MSN program are encouraged to fill out and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have already completed a FAFSA, use the "Check My Aid" link on the application page to check the status. For more help, contact the OneStop student services center at 513-556-1000 or email

2. Set up your student email account

Two-to-three business days after you confirm your admission to UC College of Nursing, you will receive an email with instructions to set up your University of Cincinnati email account. This is where you will receive important enrollment next steps.

If you previously attended UC, your username and UCID will remain the same. To retrieve this information, visit the Catalyst Access page and UCID page.

3. Start on your clinical requirements

All College of Nursing students must complete critical requirements, which include a background check, drug screening and health clearance verifications, to participate in clinical experiences. After you confirm your admission, your academic advisor will send specific instructions on how to get started working on clinical requirements, which you are expected to begin immediately. The program's orientation includes a Q-and-A session on critical requirements for you to ask any questions.

4. Attend orientation

An in-person orientation is held during the semester prior to the start of the program and is required for all incoming and transitioning students. For students admitted in the spring, orientation is held in mid-to-late October. For students admitted in the summer, orientation takes place in late March or early April. You will receive more information with specific dates and details in your admission offer letter.

Note: You must confirm your admission prior to attending orientation.

5. Register for classes

You likely will not be able to register for classes immediately after confirming your admission. You will receive information on how and when to register for your first semester classes before or during orientation.

6. Submit your final prerequisite transcripts

Admission offers are contingent on successful completion of the program's prerequisite courses. You must complete these courses by the last day of the term prior to your semester start (i.e., for those admitted in the spring, courses must be complete by the end of UC's fall term; for those admitted in the summer, courses must be complete by the end of UC's spring term). At that time, you must submit proof of final grades (via screenshot or unofficial transcript) to your academic advisor.

In addition, you must order official transcripts to be sent to your academic advisor showing successful completion (with a B-minus grade or above) for those courses. Final transcripts must be submitted no later than the Friday of the first week of your first semester class.