Nurse Anesthesia

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists provide anesthetics for surgical, obstetrical and trauma care for operations and procedures that range from brain surgery to child birth. CRNAs practice with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, and these advance-practice nurses are compensated accordingly.

Our Nurse Anesthesia is the fourth-oldest program in the United States, established in 1945 and is ranked No. 22 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Students receive support from 15 dedicated didactic and simulation faculty and more than 80 clinical faculty. In addition, the program offers a variety of experiences at clinical sites within 45 miles of the university (many within walking distance), including a level I trauma center, high-risk obstetric unit, one of the nation's top pediatric hospitals and multiple outpatient surgery centers and community hospitals.

Our faculty speak at the state, national and international level and lead by example, serving on state and national boards, committees and taskforces. Faculty foster a supportive, team-oriented environment and strongly encourage our students to lead by serving on AANA national and state committees, attending state and national meetings and giving podium and poster presentations.  

Our program offers much more than a degree; it broadens your skillset and perspective.

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Curriculum and Clinical Experience

The program requires 36 months (nine semesters) of full-time study. Clinical time and responsibilities begin in the third semester and gradually increase throughout the program.

Full-Time Semester Schema
Semester 1 Semester 2
Semester 3

NDNP 8012 (4 Credits)
Advanced Human Physiology/Pathophysiology I

NDNP 9001* (2 Credits)
Informatics for DNP Practice

NDNP 8002* (3 Credits)
DNP Role Seminar

NDNP 9004* (3 Credits)
Biostatistics for Evidence-Based Practice

NDNP 9005 (2 Credits)
Optional Doctoral Writing Elective

NDNP 8014 (4 Credits)
Advanced Human Physiology/Pathophysiology II

NDNP 8016 (3 Credits)
Chemistry and Physics for Anesthesia

NDNP 8010* (3 Credits)
Finance and Economics of Health Care

NURS 8002* (3 Credits)
Theoretical Basis of Clinical Reasoning

ANAN 8000 (4 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia I

ANAN 8008 (3 Credits)
Advanced Pharmacology for Anesthesia I

NDNP 9006* (4 Credits)
Essentials of Research Methods for Evidence-Based Practice

NURS 8020C (3 Credits)
Advanced Health Assessment

Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6

ANAN 8009 (3 Credits)
Advanced Pharmacology for Anesthesia II

ANAN 8002 (3 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia II

ANAN 8020 (6 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia Practicum I

ANAN 8004 (3 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia III
3 credits

ANAN 8030 (4 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia Internship I
4 credits

NDNP 9030* (4 Credits)
Planning, Management & Evaluation of Programs and Projects
4 credits

ANAN 8032 (4 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia Internship II

NDNP 9025* (3 Credits)
DNP Practicum 1

NDNP 9015* (3 Credits)
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

ANAN 8001 (3 Credits)
Professional Aspects/Role Development in Nurse Anesthesia

Semester 7 Semester 8 Semester 9

ANAN 8034 (4 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia Internship III

NDNP 9035* (3 Credits)
DNP Practicum 2

NDNP 9010* (3 Credits)
Healthcare Policy for the Doctorally Prepared Nurse

ANAN 8036 (4 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia Internship IV

NDNP 9038* (3 Credits)
DNP Practicum 3

NURS 8014* (3 Credits)
Epidemiologic Methods in Healthcare

ANAN 8040 (1 Credit)
Seminars in Anesthesia I

ANAN 8038 (4 Credits)
ANP Anesthesia Internship V

ANAN 8042 (2 Credits)
Seminars in Anesthesia II

NDNP 9040* (2 Credits)
DNP Capstone

NDNP 9042* (3 Credits)
Capstone Writing Seminar

*Course offered online/as a hybrid

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