Application Deadline

Apply to begin classes in January 2021.

Application Timeline
Application Opens Priority Deadline Final Deadline
Summer/Early Fall
Nov. 1, 2019
Dec. 2, 2019

Admission Requirements

  • Non-restricted RN license from any state
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from an ACEN (formerly NLNAC) or CCNE accredited school of nursing
  • One year of full-time critical care experience as a Registered Nurse must be completed prior to applying to the program. Critical care experience includes€” adult (preferred) and pediatric intensive care units only. You're strongly advised to be currently working in the ICU at the time you apply. We do not accept these units as critical care experience: neonatal ICU, ICU step-down, operating room, post-anesthesia care unit, invasive radiology/cardiology, or emergency room.
  • Experience serving on a committee for an intensive care unit, health care facility or professional nursing organization.
  • Current CCRN Certification
  • Current American Heart Association ACLS Provider Certification
  • Science GPA of 3.0 or higher on 4.0 scale
  • GRE score of 150 or higher for Verbal Reasoning preferred
  • GRE score of 150 or higher on Quantitative Reasoning preferred
  • GRE score of 4 or higher on Writing preferred
  • Personal interview with Nurse Anesthesia Admissions Committee

Required Materials

All materials except official transcripts can be submitted electronically via NursingCAS, the Centralized Application Service for Nursing Programs at Submit official transcripts and all documents directly to Nursing CAS, P.O. Box 9201, Watertown, MA 02471. Materials must be received by the posted deadline. If you have questions, contact our Office of Student Recruitment at 513-558-8400 or

NursingCAS Application

The application must be submitted electronically at, including non-refundable a $70 application fee paid to NursingCAS. Once your application has been completed and transcripts verified, you will be notified via email to create an account and submit a separate non-refundable $70 application fee to the University of Cincinnati. When creating an account, please add NursingCAS email addresses to your safe sender list. You need to fill out each section in NursingCAS in order to have a complete application.

Copy of RN License

Applicants must submit (via NursingCAS) evidence of an active, unrestricted RN license for the state in which they are practicing nursing. Applicants whose RN license is restricted will be considered, provided the individual shares the conditions of the restriction set by the board of nursing and the college determines the academic program can accommodate those restrictions. If admitted, you must obtain an Ohio RN license. For more information about obtaining an Ohio RN license, visit

Official Transcripts

Send transcripts directly to NursingCAS, not the college.

  • Transcripts must verify a Bachelor of Science in Nursing conferred from a regionally and ACEN (formerly NLNAC) or CCNE accredited institution and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale for the last degree earned. (A comparable level of achievement is expected for other grading systems.) Applicants must have a science GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale and have successfully completed (C or higher) an undergraduate statistics course.
  • Applicants must submit official transcripts from every institution of higher education attended. (High school transcripts are not needed.) It is highly recommended that applicants submit the application and request transcripts at least one month prior to the posted deadline to allow time to follow up on any potential issues. Transcripts are not needed at the same time an application is submitted, but must be received by the posted deadline.
  • To submit transcripts, applicants are strongly encouraged to use the NursingCAS Transcript Matching Form. The "Colleges Attended" section of the NursingCAS application allows applicants to print transcript request forms. NursingCAS strongly recommends that you print and advise your registrar's office to attach a transcript request form to your official transcript. This form helps NursingCAS properly match your official transcripts to your NursingCAS application. If you have any previous names, please list this information within the "Biographic Information" section and this information will be included in your transcript matching form. Please Note: If the registrar does not accept this form, it is only recommended, not required.
  • The University of Cincinnati requires full coursework entry of all transcripts. We acknowledge that this process can be labor-intensive, and we encourage entering this information early in the application process. We encourage you to have your unofficial transcript(s) accessible when completing this section so that you can refer to them as you enter your coursework in the NursingCAS application. This can make the process quicker and easier. When entering coursework in NursingCAS, you must enter courses that are in progress or planned for future terms. Once you receive grades for these courses, you must log back into NursingCAS, add the course as a new course, and note the grade earned. Once all your coursework has been entered, you will be prompted to review and finalize your transcripts. Please review your coursework entry very carefully, as it cannot be edited once you submit your application. Failure to properly enter your coursework can result in a delay of transcript verification.
  • NursingCAS offers Professional Transcript Entry Service, by which applicants can have NursingCAS specialists enter their coursework entry on their behalf at a cost. (See additional information below.) It is the responsibility of the applicant to order their official transcript(s) from every institution of higher education ever attended and have them sent directly to NursingCAS. The Professional Transcript Entry Service does not include ordering official transcripts on behalf of the applicant. Only the applicant can order his or her transcripts.
  • International transcripts must be evaluated by World Education Services (WES).

Are You A Former UC Student?

Former UC students applying to a UC nursing program in NursingCAS can request their UC transcript be sent directly from the College of Nursing to NursingCAS. To use this optional service, email your admissions counselor directly, or email for a UC Transcript Request Form. (This is not the same as the NursingCAS Transcript Matching Form.) You must submit a UC Transcript Request Form via email no later than three weeks before the program deadline to guarantee your request will be honored.

Please note:

  • This service is not available to former students applying to multiple institutions in NursingCAS or those not applying to UC in NursingCAS.
  • Applicants still must send official transcripts from institutions other than UC to NursingCAS.
  • This service is by request only, and applicants must submit a UC Transcript Request Form to initiate any action.

GRE Scores

Submit official GRE scores to the University of Cincinnati (code 1833). A GRE score of 150 or higher for Verbal Reasoning and 150 or higher on Quantitative Reasoning are preferred.


Submit a resume via NursingCAS. For security purposes, please do not include your date of birth or Social Security number.

At least one year of post-licensure full-time critical care experience as an RN within the past three years is required. Critical care experience includes adult (preferred) and pediatric intensive care units only.

Goal Statement

Sumbit a goal statement of 750 to 1,000 words via NursingCAS. Your statement should describe:

  • Your motivation for pursuing a career as a nurse anesthetist;
  • Qualities you possess that would make you a good nurse anesthetist; and
  • What you have done, specifically, to prepare yourself to enter a nurse anesthesia education program.


References also are submitted via NursingCAS. Three references are required—one must be from your current nurse manager. References should come from individuals who can attest to your academic and professional skills. Be certain to inform persons who provide recommendations of the deadline for receipt of credentials. You will enter contact information for identified recommenders during the NursingCAS online application.  


Applicants must upload proof of current CCRN Certification and current American Heart Association ACLS Provider Certification.

Shadowing Experience

Shadowing a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) is required before applying to the program. You can shadow a practicing CRNA at any location, but we prefer your experience occur at the facility where the CRNA is employed.

A limited number of shadowing experiences are available at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC), part of UC Health. For more information, contact Rachel Smith-Steinert at

Document your shadowing experience by completing this form and adding it to your application:

NursingCAS Professional Transcript Entry Service

If you do not wish to enter all of your coursework yourself, NursingCAS offers applicants applying to a program that requires full transcript entry the option to have coursework professionally entered on their behalf by their specialists for an additional fee. NursingCAS coursework entry staff is available to enter all completed coursework taken at an accredited school on its school list. Given the nature of Not-Listed Schools, foreign coursework and planned/in-progress courses, this work is not eligible for professional transcript entry and must be entered by the applicant.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, visit the NursingCAS Professional Transcript Entry page.  

The cost for NursingCAS professional transcript entry service is $65 for one to three transcripts, $90 for four to six transcripts, and $140 for seven transcripts or more. These fees are for coursework entry only and are in addition to NursingCAS regular application fees. As this is an optional service, no fee waivers are available for professional transcript entry.


As part of an academic health center, the College of Nursing conducts a holistic review of Nurse Anesthesia program applicants. The review includes several qualitative and quantitative factors to determine the best fit for the profession. Applicants who are deemed acceptable potential students will be invited for an on-campus interview following review for their applications.

Applicants invited for personal interviews will be interviewed by a faculty panel and participate in a multiple-mini interview (MMI). The MMI consists of short interviews, meant to determine which applicants are the best fit for the program and have the greatest potential to become nurse leaders.

Review and Admission

The Faculty Review Commitee makes final admission decisions, based on a holistic review of an applicant's experience, references, test scores, GPA and personal interviews. Successful applicants will receive an acceptance packet via email. This packet must be completed and returned by the date indicated in the packet.

Requirements after Acceptance

As soon as accepted:

  • $1,000 non-refundable, non-transferrable matriculation fee
At the start of the program:
  • Current American Heart Association ACLS and PALS certification
  • Current TB test and immunizations as required by the University and clinical sites
  • Laptop with internet access
  • Verizon cell phone with texting capabilities
  • For DNP core courses, an iPad or iPad Mini with 128 GB of memory is required