Completing Evaluations

Evaluations that have been assigned to you will be listed under the Complete Pending Evaluations item under the evaluations menu or on your home screen. Evaluations can be assigned for a specific course; within that course, you could be asked to evaluate various elements, or subjects, such as the educator’s teaching effectiveness, the site and/or the course. Users will receive a notice when E*Value forms are available for completion.

E*Value Login URL:

Accessing Pending Evaluations

You can access pending evaluations in any of three ways:

  1. Email Notification: Select the unique URL in the emailed evaluation notice.
  2. User Home Screen/Evaluations Dashboard: Select Complete Pending Evaluations.
  3. Tab Navigation: Select Evaluations and then Complete Pending Evaluations.

Completing an Evaluation

  • Select Edit Evaluation to complete an evaluation.
  • Select Save for Later to save your progress. You can return later to edit and complete the evaluation.
  • Select Submit to save all entries and submit the evaluation form. No edits are permissible after the evaluation has been submitted.

Suspending an Evaluation

If an evaluation was incorrectly assigned to you, or you did not interact with the subject of the evaluation for an adequate amount of time, you can select the Suspend link that corresponds to the evaluation. When you suspend an evaluation, you will be prompted to enter a reason for suspending the evaluation. If you did not work with a person, but know who did, include this information.

Evaluation Generation Schedule

Typical Evaluation Generation Schedule
Day Item(s) Generated in E*Value
Day 3 Preceptor Letter of Agreement
Midterm Clinical Performance Evaluation for Undergraduate Students
Day 10 Midterm Clinical Performance Evaluation for Graduate Students
Day 25 Final Clinical Perofrmance Evaluation for Half-Term Sessions
Day 60 Final Clinical Perofrmance Evaluation for Full-Term Sessions
  • Clinical instructors will identify the deadline for submitting clinical performance evaluation forms.
  • Evaluations are generated early to allow users the opportunity to document on the evaluation form throughout the evaluation period. Users can do so using the Save for Later option.
  • Clinical Placement Confirmation evaluation forms are generated to graduate students seven days prior to the semester.
  • End-of-term evaluations are deployed to students and faculty 21 days prior to the end of the term.

Re-Opening an Evaluation

If you accidentally submit your evaluation, send an email to to request a re-open. Include your full name, evaluation type, course title and course number. Requests are processed within 24 to 48 business hours.