eMedley is a web-based clinical evaluation system designed to manage, collate, and analyze our curriculum, student evaluations of our curriculum and its faculty (preceptor) evaluations of our students. Since eMedley is a web-based system, users will be able to submit their evaluations from their place of work or from home. eMedley will provide curriculum-specific feedback to each specialty program and its participants and will allow for real-time reporting.

Within eMedley, preceptors can expect to use eClas to verify Time Logs for students and eValuate to complete evaluations. Preceptors are responsible for monitoring student time logs and should plan to verify time logs every 14 days within eMedley. Preceptors will not sign off on case logs in eMedley. At the same time, faculty may provide additional guidance for verifying student encounters.

Getting Started

Preceptors who have submitted a Volunteer Clinical Faculty packet can log into eMedley.

  1. Use Google Chrome (required browser) and go to
  2. Choose New User and enter your email address.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to set your initial password.
  4. Use to login with your new password.

Key Features

The home screen is separated into two sections. The left section displays the program designation including program ID and contains quick access to your calendar and your favorite items. To add items to your favorites, navigate to the component and page, then select Add to My EMedley. You also have the option to View/Edit favorites.  

The home page contains a box with announcements and reference documents, and a navigation menu at the top. Select Clinical to approve time logs, Evaluations to view available and completed evaluations, and Schedules to see information on your assigned students. On smaller screens, you may need to select the menu button on the top-left corner to view these options. On the top right corner, you can view profile and notification information, or select the question mark for basic guides.