E*Value is a web-based evaluation system designed to manage, collate, and analyze our curriculum, student evaluations of our curriculum and its faculty (preceptor) evaluations of our students. Since E*Value is a web-based system, most users will be able to submit their evaluations from their place of work or from home. E*Value will provide curriculum-specific feedback to each specialty program and its participants and will allow for real-time reporting.

Some of the features preceptors can expect to use are Evaluation and Time-Tracking. Preceptors are responsible for monitoring student time tracking and should plan to verify time logs every 30 days within E*Value. Preceptors will not sign off on Procedure and Diagnoses (PxDx) case logs in E*Value. However, faculty may provide additional guidance for verifying student encounters.

Getting Started

Log in using your provided credentials at Leave the institution code blank. We recommend using a recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

Note: If you type in an incorrect user name and password, after the third try, you will be locked out of the application for 15 minutes. In addition, after 10 minutes of inactivity in the application, you will be prompted to log back in. Always remember to log out, especially when using a shared computer.

Program Selection

Preceptors are associated with all programs at the college. You should select the program you wish to work with at the time then select Continue Login to access the components and students for that program. Announcements from E*Value will appear on this page. The name of the program you select will appear in the left column.

Home Screen

The home screen is separated into two sections. The left section displays the program designation including program ID and contains quick access to your calendar and your favorite items. To add items to your favorites, navigate to the component and page, then select Add to My E*Value. You also have the option to View/Edit favorites.  

The right section is the main screen and displays your information (email, rank, role), suspended/pending evaluations and news and events. In addition, this is the main screen for your component options and fields. You may collapse the left section to increase display space for your main screen.


The navigation menu is located at the top of the page. Select an icon to view the associated sub-menu options. You can collapse the navigation menu to increase display space for your main screen.

Additional Instructions

Need Help with E*Value?

  • Contact your clinical site coordinator for issues with your clinical site or preceptor data in the system.
  • Contact for system access issues.