DNP Program On-Campus Requirement

BSN to DNP and Post-MSN DNP students have the opportunity to visit campus several times during their academic program.

Students attend a one- or two-day orientation in the first semester of their program. This is a mandatory event for all new DNP students. (Note: Nurse Anesthesia students attend a separate orientation session during their first spring semester.) All Spring 2022 orientation events will be conducted virtually; future orientation events could be conducted on campus.

In addition, DNP students have the opportunity to visit campus during a DNP summer workshop. This half-day workshop focuses on understanding, preparing, writing and presenting the DNP project. This event is optional, but highly encouraged to help create a successful DNP project.

Finally, students are required to visit campus during their final semester to defend their DNP project. This also provides an opportunity for students to participate in commencement celebrations.