On-campus Requirement

BSN to DNP and Post-MSN DNP will have the opportunity to visit campus three times during their academic program.

Students will attend a one or two day orientation at the start of their academic program in fall semester.  This is a mandatory site visit for all DNP students. The Fall 2019 orientation will be late August, currently the date is TBD.  Nurse Anesthesia students start their program in January each year. They will attend their own orientation sessions.  

All DNP students will have the opportunity to visit campus during the DNP Summer Workshop each year. This workshop is a half day experience where the focus will be on understanding, preparing for, writing and presenting the DNP project.  This workshop is optional but is highly suggested so that students can be successful with their DNP project.

Students are also required to visit campus during their final semester to defend their DNP project and to participate in the University of Cincinnati Graduation Ceremony.