Sophomore Admission

UC College of Nursing accepts transfer and transition students into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program to begin as sophomores.

Transfer applicants are those from external institutions. Transition students are those currently enrolled at the University of Cincinnati in a different college or at UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont.

  • Both transfer and transition students are highly encouraged to speak with a UC College of Nursing admissions counselor or academic advisor before applying for sophomore admissions. Contact us at 513-558-3600 or
  • Transfer students can also reach out to the UC Transfer Center for general questions about tranferring to UC.  

Application Timeline

Application Timeline for Transfer and Transition Students
Date(s) Required Actions
Transfer applicants only: apply to UC as a transfer student
Feb. 1–28 Apply to UC College of Nursing using the sophomore admissions application
March 1–May 1 Take the pre-admission and complete essays through UC College of Nursing
May 15 Transfer applicants only: submit all prerequisite course grades to UC College of Nursing
By June 1 Confirm within one week of acceptance

Application Requirements

UC College of Nursing Application

Transfer and transition students must apply to UC College of Nursing using the Sophomore Admissions application, available on this site Feb. 1–28.

Essays and Pre-Admission Exam

After submitting your College of Nursing application, you will receive instructions via email to schedule to take the pre-admission exam and complete two essays through UC College of Nursing. Virtual options are available for applicants 60-plus miles from campus.

Prerequisite Course Grades

Transfer students only need to submit all prerequisite-course grades to UC College of Nursing no later than May 15. Applicants must have earned a minimum C in prerequisite courses (listed below). For courses retaken, the college will average the two grades. Applicants' cumulative GPA must be at least 2.5.

Submit course grades by sending your unofficial transcript to UC from your institution or by sending a screenshot of your unofficial transcript to

Note: If you are currently enrolled in another nursing program (other than pre-nursing), you must also submit a letter of good academic standing from your program director or dean.

Prerequisite Courses

Applicants must complete prerequisite courses and achieve a minimum C by the end of the Spring semester in which they are applying. UC College of Nursing accepts credits from many accredited institutions. To preview if your courses can transfer to UC, check the Transfer Equivalency Database.

BSN Prerequisite Courses for Sophomore Admission
Course   Credits
Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab (BIOL2001C)
Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab (BIOL2002C)
Chemistry Lecture (CHEM1020)* 3
Chemistry Lab (CHEM1020L)* 1
Microbiology Lecture & Lab (BIOL2031C)
English Composition (ENGL1001)
Intro to Psychology (PSYC1001) 3
Intro to Sociology (SOC1001) 3
Science of Wellness & Self-Care (NURS1100C) or Fine Arts, Humanities or Historical Perspectives Elective 4 or 3
Success in College & Nursing (NURS1101) or Elective (non-remedial course only) 2
Intro to Professional Nursing (NBSN1101)**  

*Must include general, organic and biochemistry

** Recommended for UC Clermont students

Transfer students (students from external institutions) must apply to the University of Cincinnati using the transfer student application, selecting Exploratory Studies as their intended major.