Storytelling for Health Advocacy, Research & Education

The Storytelling for Health Advocacy, Research & Education (SHARE) project is dedicated to achieving health equity through storytelling interventions.

SHARE was launched in 2022 by Minjin Kim, PhD, RN, principal investigator, and is housed in the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing. SHARE's mission is to increase diversity in all aspects of research related to health disparities and health equity. As personalized medicine becomes a reality, health professionals must use a human-centered approach in health care. SHARE strives to address health disparities and achieve health equity by working on human-centered storytelling interventions that leverage advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, or AI.

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We welcome inquiries regarding:

  • Research participation
  • Scientific collaboration, particularly those seeking expertise in narrative (storytelling intervention), HPV prevention and/or Asian/Asian-American health disparities and health equity
  • Employment opportunities in research coordination or nursing research
  • Student engagement in research for undergraduate and graduate students in nursing and non-nursing majors
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