Medicaid Equity Simulation Project

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The University Cincinnati College of Nursing and the College of Medicine’s Department of Family & Community Medicine worked with the UC Center for Simulations and Virtual Environments Research (UCSIM) to develop two patient care virtual reality simulations focusing on social determinants of health. Both simulations are from the perspective of the patient and intended to raise healthcare providers’ awareness of barriers to care, which patients encounter on a daily basis.

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Late Arrival Simulation

Late Arrival Simulation Screenshot

The Late Arrival Simulation features Mr. Jenkins, a 22-year-old, single, unemployed African American male with comorbid diagnoses of schizophrenia and asthma. He faces considerable challenges seeking treatment at a community mental health center. Beyond the symptoms of his illness, he must contend with stigma and issues driven by poverty, such as lack of transportation, lack of housing and food insecurity.

No Show Simulation

No Show Simulation Screenshot

Ms. Santiago, our patient in the No Show Simulation, is a 75-year-old widow suffering from osteoarthritis, depression, poorly controlled hypertension and Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Originally from Puerto Rico, Ms. Santiago struggles with accessing health care due to language barriers, poverty, lack of transportation, and living in a high-crime neighborhood.

The Medicaid Equity Simulation Project is funded by the Ohio Department of Medicaid and administered by the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Resource Center. The views expressed in this presentation are solely those of the authors and do not represent the views of the state of Ohio or federal Medicaid programs.