Congratulations, Graduates!

Congratulations to you, our Spring 2023 class of RN to BSN Online program graduates! You persevered — likely while working full time and balancing other priorities — to complete the rigorous coursework required to earn your baccalaureate nursing degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Some of our graduates shared a little more about what this accomplishment means to them. We’ve also included the full list of Spring 2023 graduates.

Celebrating their Achievement

Des'Nikki Andrews

Des'Nikki Andrews, BSN

I am most proud of completing the RN-BSN program and finally obtaining my bachelor's degree. There were several obstacles and many sacrifices to get here. I thank my children for their understanding and support during this time. I am proud to show my children that education is important!

Jessica Bergman

Jessica Bergman, BSN

I'm very excited to be graduating with my BSN. During the program I sold my house, moved twice, built a house, had two jobs, and now I'm pregnant, all while taking care of two young kids. I'm proud of my accomplishments and can't thank my husband enough for his endless support. I can't wait to see what career opportunities having a BSN brings me.

Jamie Drook

Jamie Drook, BSN

It feels great to accomplish my BSN! Now to pursue my DNP someday! Love learning all I can about the nursing field!

Katrina Fiebrig

Katrina Fiebrig, BSN

Going back to school for my BSN at age forty-five, almost twenty years after I had obtained my RN license, was incredibly intimidating! I am genuinely proud of myself, and incredibly glad I took the leap. I am so grateful to my daughter, my other family, my friends, my colleagues, and my teachers.


Beth Hansford

Beth Hansford, BSN

It's rewarding to have earned my BSN!  With the completion of this degree I will be moving to Savannah, GA to start my life.  I'm excited to continue my journey in nursing at the bedside with potential interest in the ICU and surgery areas.  I can't wait to further grow my knowledge and critical thinking as a nurse to make the greatest difference to patients and families!

Brandy Jones

Brandy Jones, BSN

Glory to the most high as I have yet again let him guide my path. I'm so thankful and blessed to currently be in this position to receive my BSN. I thank my family and friends for all of your support. To my son DJ, this one is for you !  #BSN #2023

Hui Liu

Hui Liu, BSN

I am proud to have accomplished my RN to BSN while working and caring for my family during the global COVID pandemic. Thank you, my employer, who provides the tuition reimbursement; thank you UC, which provides these flexible and well-designed online courses; thank you my dear family for the tremendous support!

Alexis Mundy

Alexis Mundy, BSN

As a single mother of two girls, specialist at the Cincinnati Poison Control Center and full time Fire Lieutenant with the Cincinnati Fire Department, the BSN program was truly challenging for me. Battling the time constraints with work, home life, and school was a struggle. But I am happy to say I am finished with my Bachelor's! Thank you to my friends and family for all their support.

Susannah Parks

Susannah Parks, BSN

I graduated with my ADN in 1999 and had trouble passing my nursing boards. After twenty one years and doubting myself a lot, I tried again and finally passed my NCLEX in 2020. I never even thought that I'd pass my boards and now here I am, graduating with my BSN. It's been a wild 24 year adventure.

Angie Reynolds

Angie Reynolds, BSN

I am proud of my accomplishment in completing my BSN program, and I am honored to have done so at a great school.


UC's Spring 2023 RN to BSN Online Program Graduates

The Spring 2023 graduating class includes 82 students:

  • Sarah Adler
  • Leah Aiken
  • Hannah Alcordo
  • Emma Anderson
  • Des'nikki Andrews
  • Bailey Baker
  • Samantha Bannon
  • Sarah Barton
  • Thomas Bennett II
  • Jessica Bergman
  • Kayla Black
  • Megan Brennan
  • Deborah Brewer
  • Aimee Brissey
  • Brittany Brock
  • Paulette Brown
  • Alyssa Buchhholz
  • Maggie Burdick
  • Marisa Burse
  • Ashley Campbell
  • Meaghan Clark
  • Sarah Combs
  • Lindsey Cook
  • Joyce Coty
  • Kendall Crosby
  • Victoria Damron
  • Maria Deehan
  • James Drook
  • Dustin Eing
  • Ayomide Fanegan
  • Samantha Feck
  • Katrina Fiebig
  • Jessica Francis
  • Austin Franz
  • Emily Galentine
  • Katelyn Gibson
  • Kaitlyn Giel
  • Yuko Grigsby
  • Autumn Hacker
  • Christina Hannah
  • Beth Hansford
  • Laney Harsch-Vanek
  • Taylar Held
  • Gina Henderson
  • Jessica Hillman
  • Maggie Humble
  • Kimberly Hummel
  • Brandy Jones
  • Nadya Juste
  • Januka Khatiwoda
  • Brendan Kilgore
  • Hui Liu
  • Jonathan Loch
  • Arrick Maccarone
  • Kailey Macke
  • Jaecel Miquiabas
  • Pramika Moktan
  • Ashley Moody
  • Vivian Mulholland
  • Alexis Mundy
  • Sierra Newton
  • Quannah Newton
  • Lynda Ngum
  • Susannah Parks
  • Aum Patel
  • Carly Patterson
  • Stephanie Pitts
  • Shaina Pollard
  • Alexus Ramey
  • Emily Rauscher
  • Christina Replogle
  • Angela Reynolds
  • Madison Sandlin
  • Heather Schrock
  • Alexa Schulte
  • Sakura Shiroma
  • Faustine Sifa
  • Trista Teuschler
  • Courtney West
  • Morgan Wuestefeld
  • Kara Wylie
  • Andice Yancey