Adult-Gerontology Primary Care

The Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Post-Master's Certificate program prepares students for diagnosis and management of common and complex medical conditions in patients 13 and older.

Certification & Career

Graduates of this major meet criteria for taking certification exams as Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners.

Certified nurse practitioners work for physician groups or specialty groups, such as cardiology, orthopedics or general practice. In addition, graduates are employed in private practice, clinics, long-term care, home care and various occupational health settings.

Clinical Hours

Clinical placements are determined by students' areas of interest and career goals. Practica hours may be completed in most geographical locations based on ability to meet course objectives.


The plan of study for the program is determined at the time of acceptance and matriculation into the program. It is based on the student€'™s previous master's coursework.

To view courses that could be required, see the schema for the adult-gerontology primary care master's program.


If you have specific questions about the program, contact the Office of Student Recruitment at 513-558-8400 or