Nurse Educator Certificate

Our Nurse Educator Certificate is a fully online graduate program that empowers practicing nurses to succeed in teaching roles.

This program prepares you to:

  • Support student growth
  • Use assessment and evaluation strategies effectively
  • Participate in curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes
  • Pursue continuous quality improvement in the nurse educator role

Nurse Educator Certificate Application Deadline

This program admits students for each semester start.

As a result of state boards of nursing and the DOE Higher Education regulation changes, the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing will no longer be accepting applications for our online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education from students residing in the following states:

  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee

Nurse Educator Certificate Completion & Certification

Complete the Nurse Educator Certificate in as few as two semesters with four graduate-level courses, each three credits (12 total credit hours).

This program will prepare you for the National League for Nursing (NLN) examination for certification as a Nurse Educator (CNE). (You must meet additional eligibility requirements, outlined by NLN.)

In addition, master's and doctoral students who complete the Nurse Educator Certificate as part of their graduate degree are eligible for the Nurse Faculty Loan Program. After graduation, up to 85 percent of the loan and principal interest is canceled for individuals who work as full-time nursing faculty at a school of nursing.

Nurse Educator Certificate Courses

Credit Hours: 3 graduate credit hours
Description: This course focuses on the role of the health care faculty member in developing cognitive, affective and psycho-motor student-learning outcomes. The course emphasizes facilitating learning in traditional, flexible and virtual learning spaces; use of evidence-based teaching; and addressing the needs of diverse learners in classroom and clinical settings.

Credit Hours: 3 graduate credit hours
Description: This course focuses on curriculum design and evaluation to facilitate student learning across cognitive, psycho-motor, and affective domains. Students explore strategies to assess student learning and program effectiveness.

Credit Hours: 3 graduate credit hours
Description: This course focuses on the effective use of instructional technology to support learning-centered teaching, such as maximizing the use of current learning-management systems, presentation and instructional video/animation-production software. Students explore virtual reality platforms and simulation in academia. The course also emphasizes pedagogically sound applications of instructional technologies from the perspectives of theory, research, practice and future needs.

Credit Hours: 3 graduate credit hours
Description: This course comprehensively investigates the role of nursing faculty with regard to administration, student issues, program requirements, evaluation and expectations. Students complete a practicum of 56 contact hours in an area of interest within teaching or educational administration. This is the final course in the certificate program.

Nurse Educator Certificate Overview

In this video, program director Melanie Kroger-Jarvis, DNP, APRN, provides an overview of the Nurse Educator Certificate.

More Information

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Note: Students in this program are not eligible for financial aid.