Student Ambassadors

Headshot of Regan Abahazie, '23

Regan Abahazie, '23

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

I chose UC because of the amazing nursing program. I really liked the direct admit program and how hands-on the program is through the simulations and clinicals. I also loved the urban campus and how close so many major hospitals are to campus.

I am interested in becoming a pediatric nurse or an ER nurse, but I’m still exploring my options. I have always been passionate about helping children and I like the intensity of ER.

Headshot of Steven Barry, '22

Steven Barry, '22

Hometown: Sylvania, Ohio

I choose the College of Nursing at UC because of the vast amount of opportunities and experiences that are available to the students.

I am passionate about pediatric nursing, because I have alwaays wanted to work with kids.

Headshot of Amy Barto, '22

Amy Barto, '22

Hometown: Findlay, Ohio

I was born to be a Bearcat. My father studied engineering and law at the University of Cincinnati and told me what a great school it was. Once I decided to study nursing, I looked into UC's program and realized that the instruction and clinical opportunities were first-class. When I visited the College of Nursing, I found a place where I knew I could grow, both as a future nurse and as a person. I can't imagine myself anywhere else.

I am looking to pursue a career as a pediatric oncology nurse. I have always had a passion for helping others in times of great vulnerability and have found that I connect well with children and their parents. I think every child deserves a chance. When a child suffers from cancer, it changes everything. I would like to be one of the people who helps a child, and his or her family, through some of the most difficult and challenging moments they may face.  

Headshot of Grace Carter, '22

Grace Carter, '22

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

Out of all the programs I applied to, I felt the most at home with Cincinnati and felt I had endless possibilities to what I could achieve here!

My dream is to become a nurse anesthetist, because I've had plenty of surgeries in my life, and what those nurses could do has always fascinated me.

Headshot of Hannah Dion, '22

Hannah Dion, '22

Hometown: Belleville, Ohio

UC College of Nursing was unlike any other school I had visited. From their hands-on activities to their opportunities for professional development, I knew this is where I wanted to go from the moment I stepped on campus. Even as a first-year student, I have had so many experiences that will make me the best nurse I can be.

My career goal is to become a pediatric nurse anesthetist, but that dream may change throughout my time at the College of Nursing. After breaking my wrist and requiring surgery as a child, I was inspired to help children and their families during what may be the most difficult time in their lives.

Headshot of Taylor Dorrington, '22

Taylor Dorrington, '22

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Growing up, I always wanted to be a Bearcat. I knew from when I was little that my goal was to be a student at the University of Cincinnati, but it wasn't until my junior year of high school that I knew I wanted to be a nurse. After touring the College of Nursing and hearing about all of the programs they offered, I knew that this was my new home. The CoN is constantly changing, and I wanted to be apart of that change, which is why I chose to attend the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing.

I am most passionate about pediatrics. I have worked with kids for five years now, and each year I learn more about how much of an impact you can be in their lives, just be being there. Pediatrics offers a way to give children a good start and help them grow into who they will become one day.

Headshot of Emily Egbers, 23

Emily Egbers, 23

Hometown: Villa Hills, Kentucky

I chose the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing because of the extensive program that the university offers. The College of Nursing immerses you in nursing classes right off the bat, whereas other programs don't allow you to be a part of the actual college of nursing until your sophomore or junior year.

I am most passionate about pursuing a career in critical care.

Headshot of Olivia Ferris, '23

Olivia Ferris, '23

Hometown: Medina, Ohio

The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing is an amazing program that gives its students great opportunities with all of the outstanding hospitals surrounding campus and the wonderful staff.

I want to become a pediatric nurse practitioner, because I love working with kids.

Headshot of Kaitlyn Hartley, '23

Kaitlyn Hartley, '23

Hometown: Anderson, Ohio

I chose the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing for a multitude of reasons. The location of the university offers so many unique opportunities with an abundance of resources. With such a close proximity to hospitals, we receive amazing experiences and clinicals as UC nurses. The College of Nursing also has great professors and an amazing staff that truly care about each individual and each works hard to make sure we become successful and knowledgeable nurses. Being a nursing student at UC College of Nursing truly feels like being part of a lifelong family.

I am most passionate about pursuing Labor and Delivery. The fact that the human body can grow another living person truly blows my mind. The birthing process is so amazing and is simply a miracle. Later down the road, I hope to go back to school to become a Midwife. The human body is an amazing thing and I can’t wait to learn!

Headshot of Ashley Jolley, '23

Ashley Jolley, '23

Hometown: Greenville, Ohio

I chose the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing because of the direct admission program they have here. It's such an awesome feeling going into your freshman year knowing you're already a part of such an amazing organization. It allows you to go through your first year without having the stress of applying to the program at a later date.

I'm most passionate about the field of anesthesia! During high school, I shadowed many CRNAs and absolutely loved it. I want to be someone who a patient can trust during one of the most vulnerable times in his or her life. I also love being in the OR!

Headshot of Sam Jones, '22

Sam Jones, '22

Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

When looking at colleges, UC stuck out because I could tell the faculty really cared about the success in their students. With cutting edge technology and simulation labs, UC was the clear choice!

I would love to work in the ICU of level 1 trauma center. A lot of people do not like the pressure and intensity of the ICU, but I feel as if it would be a great fit for me.

Headshot of Anna Lechleiter, '22

Anna Lechleiter, '22

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

I chose the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing because of the rich history of the program. Both the University of Cincinnati and College of Nursing are globally recognized. UC was the first to offer a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. I like how the program puts an emphasis on shaping nurse leaders and not just nurses. The use of Apple technology and the fact that the program was direct-admit were also very appealing. The College of Nursing also has connections with great hospitals in the Cincinnati area, including Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, which is a top pediatric hospital in the nation.

I am interested in pursuing a career as a pediatric nurse anesthetist. I absolutely love kids and anesthesiology really fascinates me.

Headshot of Samantha Luna, '22

Samantha Luna, '22

Hometown: Mason, Ohio

I choose UC because the College of Nursing of is known for preparing their students to be excellent nurse leaders. They also have a lot of great hospitals surrounding the campus to provide a great clinical experience.

After I finish my BSN, I would love to pursue a career in trauma, as I love fast-paced environments and find it very interesting. Eventually, I would like to become a CRNA, because I would like to be involved in the OR room. I find surgery fascinating and would love to be able to help my patients through this often scary process.

Headshot of Katie Monday, '23

Katie Monday, '23

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

UC College of Nursing has great opportunities for me to immerse myself into nursing and all the experiences that come with it! Also, having the option for direct admission was an added bonus.

I really want to work in the emergency room and also cardiology, because I am most interested working directly with patients and the the scope of experience it will bring. I eventually would like to become a nurse practitioner.

Headshot of Emily Plummer, '22

Emily Plummer, '22

Hometown: Mason, Ohio

I chose the University of Cincinnati for its elite nursing program and opportunities located across and around campus.

I am passionate about pursuing nursing in the neonatal intensive care unit. Taking care of a population that is more vulnerable is my passion!

Headshot of Parker Rabe, '23

Parker Rabe, '23

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

UC was always my first choice! I am a Cincy native who grew up wearing red and black! I love the feel of a larger urban campus and the potential to meet and network with a diverse group of students and faculty. I enjoy volunteering, and UC is very involved in supporting the surrounding community it serves. The College of Nursing offers unique clinical opportunities with hands on learning. I love the nursing learning community and taking several classes with the same students. It brings the larger campus down to size. UC is unique with so many top rated hospitals nearby. 

I chose nursing because it is a growing field where you can give back to the community. I am interested in working in a trauma center to gain experience and later pursue a graduate degree. I would like to become a nurse anesthetist. I am excited about all the experiences ahead and can't wait to see where the path will take me!

Headshot of BrieAnna Reedus, '22

BrieAnna Reedus, '22

Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio

After my first visits to UC's campus, I immediately knew this was year I wanted to be. I come from a Bearcat family, so it worked out that this is where I ended up. I chose the College of Nursing specifically, because it is one of the best school's out there. The classes and labs are set up in a way to ensure student success, and the faculty/staff are truly invested in and dedicated to each student.

I am very passionate and community and minority health. Many of the health disparities that we see are a result of institutionalized injustices, and my goal is to help remedy these problems on the ground level. I believe that everyone deserves the best quality care, and I want to ensure that everyone is able to get access to that care.

Headshot of Libby Rismiller, '23

Libby Rismiller, '23

Hometown: Westfield, Indiana

I chose to go to UC because it was the only college I looked at that had hospitals right on campus and had nurses willing to work directly with students. The university had a big variety of options you could chose from while other schools didn't offer as much. 

A speciality I am passionate about is pediatric oncology. I want to be able to form those long-term connections with families and be there to help them through a rough time in their life.

Headshot of Jessica Rocha Torres, '23

Jessica Rocha Torres, '23

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

I chose UC College of Nursing because it offers direct-admission to the BSN program and it's located near several hospitals.

I would love to work as a neonatal or delivery nurse. As the oldest of four children, I have had the opportunity to see all of my siblings as babies and have watched them grow. As a family, we suffered from the tragic loss of an addition to the family about 4 years ago, and I would really love to help nurture ill or premature babies into a healthy life.

Headshot of Maya Sanchez, '23

Maya Sanchez, '23

Hometown: Lebanon, Ohio

I chose the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing not only because it is one of the top nursing schools in the country, but also because the program that offers a unique level of caring, support, and collaboration with students, faculty, and administration. I believe that UC nursing is special because the faculty works so closely with the students in developing leadership and professional skills that contribute to individual growth as well as growth within the community. The administration and instructors truly care about their students and want them to succeed in college and beyond in the healthcare profession. 

My dream is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner with a specialization in oncology. As a childhood cancer survivor, I have grown up around inspiring nurses who continue to take care of me to this day. I have seen the positive impact that they have on patients and their families, and I would like to be the source of support, care, and positivity for others.

Headshot of Alicia Shepard, '22

Alicia Shepard, '22

Hometown: Wadsworth, Ohio

The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing was everything I was looking for in a college! I loved how the program was direct admission and competitive. I also like how UC has many available resources to help students succeed in class. Some of these include learning communities, SI, LA, tutoring, and the clinical programs.

I am really passionate about working in the intensive care unit and possibly being a flight or travel nurse.

Headshot of Rebecca Smith, '22

Rebecca Smith, '22

Hometown: Aurora, Illinois

I choose to come to UC for all that it had to offer. Never had I seen a school that had such great leadership and opportunities as UC offered. Being one of few ambassadors from out of state, I get asked the question of why I chose UC all the time. I always mention that UC is one of the very few schools that has over 10 hospitals in the walking area. Not to mention, one of the top three pediatric hospitals right next to the college. I also choose UC because of the unique learning opportunities. The college of nursing offers clinical experiences in abroad locations and also one-on-one clinicals. All of these things and the sense of a family truly made it an easy choice when choosing UC.

As of right now, I am keeping my options open for my career. Since I am only a sophomore, I want to be able to explore my options, and allow the skills I master to lead me to a specialty. However, I am very interested in preoperative nursing. My mother has been an operating room nurse for over 30 years, and has shown her love of nursing to me through the OR. 

Headshot of Christina Snyder, '23

Christina Snyder, '23

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

I chose the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing because I want to help individuals in the same way that nurses have helped my little brother with special needs. The nurses that helped my family when Clark was in the hospital were outstanding. They helped my family and I get through every difficulty he had, and they were always there for us, to help us understand what was going on or even just for support. I know UC is the perfect place to become an outstanding nurse. I know that throughout my journey here at UC, I'll be able to help others. And after obtaining my BSN, I'll be able to help individuals in more ways than I ever imagined!

Throughout my career as a nurse, I hope to help individuals or children that have been through struggles that aren't always recognized or are difficult to understand, such as children in the foster care system or individuals who are victims of abuse, neglect or violence. These individuals don't always get the proper care they need, even when they need it the most. I hope that through being a forensic or emergency nurse, I'm able to help individuals that have been through difficult circumstances that aren't always recognized by society. I hope that throughout my career as a nurse, I'm able to make a change in my community and positively impact my patient's lives.

Headshot of Delaney Steele, '23

Delaney Steele, '23

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

I chose UC College of Nursing because it is one of the best nursing schools around with direct admission. UC has amazing opportunities for all of their nursing students that I am excited to experience in the next four years! With its close proximity to many hospitals, it provides students the ability to experience many different specialty areas.

I would love to work in a pediatric hospital! I love spending time with kids and the energy that they bring. I am also thinking about the possibility of becoming a nurse anesthetist.

Headshot of Jordyn Stewart, '22

Jordyn Stewart, '22

Hometown: West Chester, Ohio

I choose the UC College of Nursing because of the prestigious reputation that it has.

I am most passionate about advocating for under represented communities so that they have a voice as well.

Headshot of Cole Williams, '23

Cole Williams, '23

Hometown: Aurora, Illinois

I wanted to try something new, so I chose something with 300 miles of new. UC has a great urban campus, plenty of opportunities for academic growth, both inside and outside of the College of Nursing. The college is known for their clinical programs, use of technology, and academic rigor. I knew that if I chose UC, I would be well prepared to enter the health care field after graduation. Lastly, the MMI interview process, receiving direct admission, and seeing how the staff at UC really care about the students secured my decision.

I want to work in emergency medicine, preferably in a level 1 trauma center. I want to get to help patients who need my care the most, and also to get to see a multitude of different situations. Working in an emergency department means that you never know what could come through the doors next. Pairing that with paramedic/EMT training could grant me more skills to help even more patients.

Headshot of Kathy Zhong, '23

Kathy Zhong, '23

Hometown: Mason, Ohio

I chose UC College of Nursing because of its amazing national ranking, the clinical locations, the supportive faculty, the various student organizations, and direct admit was a big plus. The facilities and resources that they have here would help me in the best way achieve my dreams; additionally, it felt like home when I walked on the campus.

I'm interested in pursing for a career in pediatrics because when I volunteered at Cincinnati Children's I loved getting to interact with the kids.  Specifically, I want to work in the CICU or Cardiology clinic because I have an interest in that field.