Leadership 2.0 Program

Leadership 2.0 seeks to increase the number of first-generation, underrepresented (in terms of ethnicity, race or gender) and economically disadvantaged students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. We offer students comprehensive support that includes high school outreach, a transition-to-college summer session and on-campus academic and social programming to build a foundation for lifelong success.

Program Details

This seven-week program is designed to provide a high school-to-college transition for Leadership 2.0 students. The summer before students begin their first semester, they complete an academic and social orientation to the university, meant to aid in their adjustment to college life.


  • Live in campus housing with other students and upperclassmen who serve as peer counselors;
  • Receive Bearcat Bound campus orientation and class registration assistance;
  • Meet key university faculty, staff and administrators;
  • Participate in weekly cultural and social events; and
  • Gradually adjust to student life and develop successful study habits and time-management skills before the first semester of classes.

If needed, students can take first-year or preparatory-level classes, along with institutional placement tests during this time.

Students receive assistance in developing and refining study and test-taking skills via workshops, study and tutoring sessions and supplemental instruction. In addition, students learn effective time- and money-management techniques, how to balance academic workload and get involved on campus.

Academic advising also plays an important role in the Leadership 2.0 program. Students receive support from assigned advisors who guide them through the entirety of the bachelor’s program.

Students receive exposure to the rich cultural diversity that characterizes the university community with an introduction to on-campus organizations, including:

Students also participate in monthly program events, attend the university's annual diversity conference and receive peer and alumni mentors through the iLEAD program.

Leadership 2.0 participants receive consideration for a variety of UC College of Nursing scholarships for which they meet eligibility criteria. Only Leadership 2.0 participants are considered for the UC College of Nursing Choose Ohio First competitive scholarships. Additionally, program participants receive individual and group counseling for their specific financial planning.