Social/Behavioral Interviews FAQ

The social/behavioral interviews use many short independent assessments, typically in a timed circuit, to obtain an aggregate score of each candidate's soft skills.  

The social/behavioral interview process for BSN admission is optional.  

Candidates who decline the opportunity to interview still can be considered for admission, but will not have the opportunity to use the interview process to share additional information that could increase their competitiveness in the selection process.

While some candidates’ applications provide enough information for an immediate “admitted/denied” decision, we may need additional information on other applicants to decide on their acceptance into the BSN program. We believe the success of our programs depends on our ability to recruit the most capable candidates, and participating in the MMI gives candidates the opportunity to increase their competitiveness and learn more about their fit with the UC College of Nursing BSN program.

Yes, those who submit their application by the Nov. 1 priority deadline will have a greater chance of being selected for an interview.

Interviews take place virtually in November. These interviews are asynchronous and must be completed within seven days of receiving the email invitation to participate. Check the email you provided on your application in November for your invitation. Note: Not all students who complete their application by Nov. 1 will be selected for an interview.

No, interview opportunities expire after seven days; however, your application still will be considered, even if you do not complete the virtual interview.

In an effort to assess all candidates collectively, decisions on admission for those who are invited to an interview will be held until all interviews have taken place. Therefore, an admission decision can be expected by late January.