Equity & Inclusion

At the college, we believe in increasing educational opportunities for talented and diverse students so we can infuse the field of nursing with culturally competent and diverse individuals. Through student pipeline programs, innovative practices and strategic partnerships in the surrounding community, we are working to embrace diversity in the fullest sense.

We are pioneers in the use of holistic admissions strategies, which incorporate personal student characteristics and attributes to augment GPA and test scores. Our process to select candidates and create a diverse student body values intellect, life experiences, motivation and character. In 2017, we added Multiple Mini Interviews to our admission strategies; these short, structured interviews are used to assess non-cognitive attributes important for professional success.

Committee for Equity & Inclusive Excellence

With the mission to "be a change catalyst for a culture of inclusive excellence", the Committee for Equity and Inclusive Excellence (CEIE) is made up of administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members.

CEIE’s activities through the last five years have included:

  • Diversity training of the committee members by an outside consultant
  • Annual culture climate assessments of our faculty, staff and students
  • Implementation of college- and community-wide education-entertainment events that include book clubs, movie nights, speaker series and an annual culture festival
  • Curriculum consultation for embedding cultural competency throughout the undergraduate nursing curriculum

Other prominent initiatives of the CEIE have included a research study on microaggression at the college, a study on the influence of racial and gender concordance on mentoring and an ongoing assessment of cultural competency infusion throughout the nursing curriculum in partnership with our curriculum council.