Institute for Nursing Research and Scholarship

The Institute for Nursing Research and Scholarship (INRS) supports the research and scholarship of faculty, staff and students in the College of Nursing who are interested in clinical practice research, translational science and evidence-based practice. It promotes specific areas of research excellence which provide an environment for faculty with similar interests to collaborate with each other:

  • Education
  • Violence
  • Vulnerable Populations and Health Disparities
  • Chronic Illnesses and Co-Morbid Conditions
  • Occupational Health
  • Quality & Safety

The underlying philosophy is that the pursuit of excellence in research and scholarship is a developmental process that requires support services at all levels of expertise and across all content areas.

Services Provided by the INRS


Grant Consultation, Submission & Post-Award Management

We consult on intramural grant proposals, which often are the building blocks of extramural funding, and provide assistance in the submission of intramural and extramural grant proposals and non-financial post-award grant management.



Center for Educational Research, Scholarship and Innovation

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