Prescription Opioids


Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Here's how the College of Nursing and university are working to ease the impact of the nation's prescription opioid and heroin epidemic.


Kathryn Wekselman, PhD


Taking the Road Less Traveled

This alumna majored in art history; now, she works with pharmaceutical companies as they develop new drugs. Here's how she got there.


Jocelyn McCauley in Dubai


Racial Disparities in Health Care

Dean Greer Glazer and community representatives discuss racial disparities in health care on WVXU's Cincinnati Edition.

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Apple Distinguished Program

Academic Health Center




"While I knew I would be in the first cohort of this program, UC had such a great reputation for all of their nursing programs. I knew this program was going to be the best as well."

— Jacquelyn Courim, BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice student