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Office of Learning Design and Digital Innovation

The extent to which technology is adopted, integrated and leveraged in education is closely linked to the quality of support services readily available for students, faculty and staff.

The Office of Learning Design and Digital Innovation (OLDDI) is our in-house instructional design and information technology (IT) department, a key facilitator of technology adoption by the college.

OLDDI provides a high level of customer support, along with the resources necessary to develop innovative, technology-based active learning and teaching solutions. Its comprehensive suite of support, development and design services include:

  • Macbook and iPad support
  • Educational technology design and support
  • eLearning development and support
  • Network management (includes digital file storage, printers, user accounts and email)
  • Professional development resources
  • Video and photography services

It is the mission of OLDDI to ensure that the use of technology enhances the effective operations of the College of Nursing. We will partner with faculty, students and staff, both within, as well as outside, the college to make technology integrate seamlessly with the teaching, research and support operations of the college. Furthermore, OLDDI will strive to provide an environment that features "IT and Learning Abundance," wherein IT infrastructure solutions and learning solutions are innovative, readily available and utilized to provide exceptional support to students, faculty and staff in their endeavors to uphold the CoN mission and values. Additionally, we accomplish this by providing professional development for faculty for course and program design and development, and facilitating effective integration of technologies in teaching.

Department Purpose

The OLDDI exists to understand the business of our stakeholders (faculty, staff and students) and how technology can help accomplish their goals; it also is catalyst for transformative learning experiences for faculty and students.

Department Goals

  • To provide consistent, best-in-class support by managing, resolving and preventing problems efficiently; communicating effectively; and exceeding stakeholder expectations.
  • To be our stakeholders' advocate and single point of contact for all technology support issues in the face of rapidly changing technology.
  • To strive for continuous improvement by measuring our performance against our stakeholders' expectations and industry standards.
  • Champion innovative and creative approaches to teaching and instructional design.
  • Explore and evaluate new technologies and strategies to inform their effective integration into teaching and instructional design.
  • Coordinate, develop and deliver professional development for faculty, instructors, teaching assistants and other teaching staff related to teaching and technology integration.
  • Conduct individual and group consultations for faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, and other teaching staff related to teaching and technology integration
  • Provide service and support for the design and development of online programs and courses
  • Connect faculty to other university resources and support
  • Create and curate resources on teaching and technology integration
  • Engage with the university at large as a resource on teaching, technology integration and faculty concerns
  • Create and advocate for creating transformative learning experiences for our faculty and students.
  • To empower and educate our stakeholders with self-service tools and solutions.
  • To take ownership of our stakeholders' problems until resolved to their satisfaction.
  • To establish and maintain positive, long-term relationships with our stakeholders through open communication and continuous feedback.
  • To provide high-level customer service and technical expertise.
  • To respond rapidly and positively to all stakeholder inquiries.


Headshot of Matthew Rota, PhD

Matthew Rota, PhD

Assistant Dean of Technology