Quality, Affordable, Flexible Nursing Education

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Our graduate nursing programs offer affordable, top-ranked, quality education, combined with the flexibility and support working nurses need.

  • More than 20 programs 100% online with asynchronous coursework, meaning you can learn anywhere on your own time
  • Flexible scheduling options so you can complete your program in a way that works for you
  • Experienced faculty who are practicing nurses and up-to-date clinically and understand today's health care challenges
  • Certification pass rates above the national average
  • Student advisor and faculty support throughout your program
  • Clinical planning support team and resources



Faculty Experts Who Understand the Role 

At UC, all DNP program faculty have a PhD or DNP. Our core DNP courses are taught almost exclusively by DNP faculty, which means they fully understand the role and importance of a DNP-prepared nurse.

Our faculty are experienced and highly regarded in the field. They help develop health policy, set industry standards, advocate for the profession and raise the bar for nurse leaders.

The Flexibility You Need 

Our Post-MSN DNP program supports your work-life balance with flexible scheduling options and asynchronous online coursework, meaning you can log in and advance your education on your own time. 

Most of our DNP program courses are offered at least twice a year, so you can keep moving through your program with no delays.  

Funding Available for Future Faculty 

Are you considering becoming a full-time educator after graduation? We offer a Nurse Faculty Loan, a federally funded program that offers up to $35,000 a year for tuition, fees, books and more. After graduation, up to 85% of your loan and principal interest will be canceled when you work as a full-time faculty member at a school of nursing.