RN to BSN Online Program

The University of Cincinnati was the first institution to offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1916 in recognition of the need to prepare RNs with additional education and experience that enhances their ability to provide quality and safe patient care.

More than a century later, we continue to empower RNs who endeavor to become the best health care providers they can be. Our RN to BSN online program offers quality education with the flexibility and support working professionals need to complete their BSN.

Why Choose UC's RN to BSN Online Program?

  • 100% online and no clinical requirement
  • Only 9 nursing courses (27 credit hours)
  • All courses offered 2 times a semester and last 7 weeks
  • Easy credit transfer from previous programs and transfer credits do not expire
  • Dedicated support from program faculty and advisors
  • Option to minor in public health

RN to BSN Online Program Curriculum

UC's RN to BSN online program curriculum includes nine nursing courses (27 credit hours) that enhance RN’s skills to effectively address the needs of diverse populations, collaborate in an interprofessional team, implement evidence-based practice interventions to improve patient safety and care quality, and demonstrate leadership in health policy and patient advocacy. The curriculum also fully prepares RNs to continue their nursing education, if desired, in a Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice or PhD program.

RN to BSN online program courses:

  • Health Issues of Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations
  • Informatics for Professional Nurses
  • Transitions to Baccalaureate Education in Nursing
  • Scientific Basis for Evidence-based Practice
  • Nurse as Professional Leader and Manager
  • Gerontological Nursing Practice
  • Capstone Experiences
  • Learning with Technology
  • Focus on Community

UC's RN to BSN online program also offers the option to minor in Public Health Nursing. Students take three required courses and three elective courses (18 credit hours) that focus on emerging issues in public health, the social and behavioral aspects of preventing disease, environmental health concepts, the changing U.S health care system and monitoring diseases in the community.

For full RN to BSN online program course descriptions, visit the Courses page.

RN to BSN Online Program Flexible Course Schedule and Support

RNs can choose to complete the RN to BSN online program full time or part time. Full time students can complete the required nine nursing courses in nine months (two semesters). Part time students can complete the program in either 12 months (three semesters) by taking three courses a semester or 15 months (five semesters) by taking two courses a semester.

For more details, view the Completion Options page.

All courses in UC’s RN to BSN online program last seven weeks (except for the 14-week capstone). The seven-week pace allows you to move through courses at a faster pace. And each course is offered six times a year, which means, if you need to drop a course, you can pick it back up again in several weeks and continue your BSN without much delay.

In addition, UC's RN to BSN online program faculty understand life happens. They offer support throughout your courses to ensure you get the help you need and stay on track in the program.

After obtaining several degrees from multiple colleges, I can officially say UC made it the least painful on a struggling single mother. Make moves or make excuses!

Michele Lee, '21 RN to BSN Program Graduate

RN-BSN Online Program Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to UC’s RN to BSN online program, you must submit the following materials:

  • An online application through the University of Cincinnati
  • Official transcripts of previous college coursework with a recommended minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. (This is a recommend minimum, only. Applicants with a cumulative GPA lower than 2.5 are still considered for admission.)
  • Documented completion of an associate degree or diploma in nursing for RN licensure
  • Documentation of an active, unrestricted RN license

State regulations prevent UC College of Nursing from accepting applications from RNs in the following states:

  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Washington

For full RN to BSN online program application details and instructions, visit the Admissions page.

RN to BSN Online Program Application Deadlines

The RN-BSN online program admits students each semester.

RN-BSN Online Deadlines by Semester Start
Spring Summer Fall
Nov. 1 March 1 July 1

RN to BSN Online Program Credit Transfer

UC College of Nursing accepts previously completed coursework from regionally accredited institutions. To look up how courses from other institutions transfer to UC, visit the Transfer Equivalency Database.

UC's RN to BSN online program does not require RNs to have completed certain courses before they are admitted and begin the program; however, RNs who have not completed one or more of the general education courses as part of their associate degree must complete the course(s) as part of the RN to BSN online program.

  • For a list of required general education courses, visit the Program Courses page.

Many of the general education courses are offered online at UC. In addition, UC College of Nursing maintains partnerships (articulation agreements) with regional and online institutions to provide a clear pathway for RNs to transition into our RN to BSN online program.

RN to BSN Online Program Accreditation

UC’s RN to BSN online program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). This accreditation provides students full access to federal financial aid and job opportunities and allows them to pursue graduate nursing education. For more information, visit the college's Accreditation page.

RN-BSN Online Program Overview

Get to know our program with an introduction and overview from Becky Lee, PhD, the RN to BSN online program director and an alumna of the program.

RN to BSN Online Program Faculty

Our full-time RN to BSN online program faculty members are prepared at the master's or doctoral level and bring with them diverse professional experiences and interests — from working with and researching vulnerable and historically marginalized populations to long-term care, home health and school-based nursing.

In addition, RN to BSN Online Program Director Becky Lee is a graduate of the program, as are several other faculty members. Each understands the challenges faced by our students as they balance schoolwork and their personal and professional lives to meet their goal of earning a BSN.

To learn more about our faculty members and why they enjoy teaching students in UC's RN to BSN online program, visit the Program Faculty page.

Questions? We're here to help.

If you have questions, visit the RN to BSN Online Program FAQ page or talk to an admissions counselor directly. Email or call 513-558-3600.