Nursing Co-op Program

Pursue Excellence: Nursing Co-op Program

This one-of-a kind Co-op program encourages personal and professional growth opportunities for UC College of Nursing Students to enhance personal and professional growth. Through the one-on-one mentoring from experienced RN clinical preceptors in various clinical settings, students encounter invaluable hands-on experiences to develop clinical, interpersonal and professional skills.


The mission of this program is to prepare outstanding BSN nurses who are committed to excellence in nursing practice and to their communities. This mission is accomplished through the transmission of knowledge and critical thinking skills in regards to nursing practice and the human experience of health, illness and community. The program equips the new graduate nurse with the knowledge and skills necessary to function more independently in clinical decision-making, provide direct patient care, delegate appropriately, and supervise unlicensed assistive personnel. Students who have completed the Co-op program can adequately provide guidance to patients through the maze of health care options and resources. Graduates have the confidence to educate patients on various treatment regimens, while encouraging them to embrace the changes necessary for a healthy lifestyle.


Our vision is to be the leading Nursing Cooperative Education Program by adding value to students, healthcare, the university and the community.

Why should I apply?

There are many advantages to participating in the nursing co-op program. Students overwhelmingly attribute their success in specific areas of nursing to their participation in the Co-op program, including increased confidence and critical thinking skills. They also learn teamwork, time management, delegation and how to prioritize their work.


  • Grow professionally
  • Explore career options
  • Experience real-world and direct application of classroom studies
  • Experience increasing levels of responsibility
  • Participate in pre-employment training
  • Establish professional contacts

How and when do I apply?

Application is open to current Junior College of Nursing BSN students. Applications (posted in Blackboard) are accepted January 1 through March 1 of each year. The program begins on the first Friday of June following final exams in the student's junior year and continues until graduation the following June.

For additional Information

Phone (513) 558-3325
Deborah J. Schwytzer, MSN, RN, CEN
Program Director