Skills Lab

Clinical Skills Lab

We are committed to providing students with the latest technology in our nursing clinical skills labs. Students are in a learning environment that supports the development of clinical skills for the undergraduate and graduate curriculum. The skills are taught in a safe environment under the guidance of a clinical instructor in one of our four clinical skills labs. The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing Clinical Skills labs are complete with bedside computer, supplies and a variety of Task trainers, models with high and low fidelity simulators, which provide a learning environment that allows students to confidently transition to the clinical setting.

Key Lab Highlights

SimMan 3G

  • This high fidelity human patient simulator has wireless capability. The eyes blink and have papillary response to light. These mobile simulators also provide additional features for student learning:
    • Vascular access and interaosseous access via the sternum or tibia;
    • Drug recognition with the appropriate physiological response;
    • Ability to provide CPR feedback, convulsions, chest decompression and bleeding wounds;
    • Lifelike responses such as the rise and fall of chest with respirations, heartbeat, bowel sounds and blood pressure.

Sim Man

These computer generated high fidelity patient simulator mannequins have a touch screen point monitor with the ability to lead x-rays, and EKGs. They also have vascular access and anatomically correct bronchial trees to facilitate intubation with emergency simulation experience.

Sim Baby

Used for the training of pediatric and obstetrics students, these high fidelity computer generated infant simulators give immediate feedback related to student intervention. The interactive mannequins also provide a heartbeat, bowel sounds and blood pressure. They simulate various breathing patterns, infant retractions, and an adjustable fontanel.

Nursing Anne VitalSim

This medium fidelity simulator is available for foundational patient care and assessment. This mannequin, with an auditable heart, breath and bowel sounds, provides students the ability to perform tracheostomy and colostomy care, as well as blood pressure readings and pulse checks.

Additional Simulators and Models

Our IV simulators provide a self-directed learning system and simulator for training intravenous catheterization. Additional skills are developed through use of our student auscultation mannequins, intubation devises and birthing models. Graduate students work with Respi Trainer, a manual Ventilation Task Trainer designed to develop and maintain skills for manual bag valve mask (BVM) ventilation and intubation. The College of Nursing has the latest assessment equipment and various task trainers to assist in teaching everything from wound to central line care.

Media & Skills Lab Availability

A variety of instructional videos are available online 24/7 for students to watch and learn from either at home or in the clinical skills lab setting. In addition, open skills lab hours provide students the opportunity to practice techniques outside of class. A clinical faculty member is always available during these lab sessions. Students have access to a wide variety of additional simulators, models and diagnostic tools.

If you have any questions regarding our clinical skills lab, contact Robin Wagner at