Graduate Students

Information in this page is current as of June 17, 2020.

Classes & Instructional Meetings

For on-campus students, course instruction will continue online through the Summer 2020 semester. (Online students will continue to complete coursework and tests online.)

The University of Cincinnati has announced a plan for students to return to campus Aug. 24 for the fall 2020 semester. For more information about what to expect, including details about the university's expanded health and safety measures, visit Return to Campus.


At this time, all clinicals are scheduled to proceed as planned. Many facilities may decide that having students is an added risk. You should plan to attend all clinicals as scheduled; but, if your clinical placement doesn’t allow you access to the facility, please let your faculty coordinator/director know ASAP. If you are immunocompromised in any way, contact your onsite preceptor, course faculty and program director for further direction.

Fall 2020 Guidelines for Students in Advanced-Practice Specialty Programs

Focused on doing what is right for students and future patients, UC faculty have created some clinical course guidelines:

  • If you are scheduled to enroll in a clinical course during fall semester 2020 per your educational schema, we highly encourage you to do so. The optimal situation is that you have already submitted the Volunteer Clinical Faculty (VCF) packet for each preceptor you will be precepting with during fall 2020 and UC has a current agreement or contract established with the facility you plan to attend. We understand this may not be possible at this time, so please register and continue working towards getting a site. If you can start at a site later in the term, we will strive to make that happen: the most important piece is communicating with your program faculty coordinator (please refer to the listing of respective faculty coordinators by program, listed below). If you are uncertain as to whether these items are in place, then check with your clinical Site coordinator (listed below).
  • We recognize that you may not be able to attend clinicals during the first several weeks of fall term due to the pandemic, but we are hopeful – just like you – that you can begin clinicals at some point during the fall semester. If you do not complete the required number of clinical hours during the fall semester, you may receive a Satisfactory Progress (SP) grade to be carried over into spring semester 2020. An SP grade will allow you to enroll in a sequential clinical course. During the spring semester, once you complete the required clinical hours for the course in which you have an SP, notify your professor to convert the SP to a P (pass), if applicable. You can then begin to work on the required hours for your next clinical course. Some students may be completing hours for two courses sequentially.
  • For some programs, another possible option is frontloading some of your didactic courses and putting clinical off to the spring. Please look at your schemas (courses left to take) and see if that is an option for you. If it is, please reach out to your program faculty coordinator to set that in motion. Please note this option is not available for all specialties. First, consult with the faculty advisor for your program to discuss if this potential option applies to your specific situation. 
  • A last option is the one that may be best for you and your family: if you need to take the semester off for any reason (including changes in your or your partner’s employment, caring for children at home, or simply feeling as though this isn’t the best time for you to achieve optimal learning), we will fully support  your decision. If this is your decision, please notify your program faculty coordinator by email.