COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty should speak with their unit head, as course modality is approved by college administration (e.g., unit head, Dean’s office). Once approved, faculty should work with students to assure continuity of learning.

We are developing a dashboard to monitor COVID-19 infection rates and provide regularly updated information to our UC community. The success of these efforts and the accuracy of the dashboard relies upon universal campus participation in COVIDwatch and the contact tracing app from faculty, staff, and students. Important highlights from the dashboard will be available on the Public Health website.

We are opening a diagnostic testing center for students in the Common's Edge North, 55 West Daniels St., which will include testing capabilities for COVID-19, influenza, mononucleosis, and strep pharyngitis. The center is expected to open Wednesday, August 26, 2020. Until then, students who need testing can make appointments through UHS at 513-556-2564 to receive testing at the UC Health site at 3120 Burnet Ave. Faculty and staff who desire testing should contact their primary care provider, unless employed by UC physicians, in which case they can schedule appointments at the UC Health site. All faculty and staff may email for more information and off-campus resources for testing. 

All faculty, students, and staff are expected to wear a facial covering according to university requirements. In rare cases, students with medical documentation of inability to wear a face mask will be permitted to wear a clear plastic face shield. The process is jointly managed by UHS and Accessibility Resources, resulting in a temporary accommodation similar to concussion guidance. Accessibility Resources will notify all faculty on the student’s class schedule via email of the accommodation. UHS will also provide guidance to the student regarding parameters for a clear, plastic face shield that extends below the chin and around the sides of the face. 

A supply of disposable masks will also be available in each classroom for faculty to provide students in the event they do not bring a facial covering or shield to class. Faculty should remind the student of the facial covering policy and ask the student whether they have ​been approved for an accommodation ​or alternative to a facial covering. If, after being asked to wear a face mask or UHS-approved face shield, a student ​refuses to do so, the faculty member should contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.