Get Involved

As an alumni, there are many opportunities for you to stay connected with College of Nursing students, faculty and staff. Read on to find the program and events that match your interests!

Caring through Sharing Mentoring Program

The UC College of Nursing is committed to developing the nursing workforce through the promotion of diversity and inclusion in our student body. Students from underrepresented backgrounds have the opportunity to seek guidance and advice from working nurse professionals in the Caring through Sharing Mentoring Program. Participating students may include those whose ethnicity or gender are underrepresented in the field of nursing, first-generation college students, and students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. They are paired with a mentor who serves in a supportive role that fosters their success in the nursing program. RN mentors have experienced life as a student and a professional nurse and can offer valuable insight to facilitate personal growth and career development.
Nurses who are interested in serving as a mentor in the Caring through Sharing Mentoring Program are encouraged to complete an application for consideration.

Motivational Speakers

Motivational Speakers are needed to speak at various events throughout the year. Share expertise and work experience with prospective nursing students. Shed light on why nursing was the right profession for you. Interested in sharing your knowledge of the nursing profession with future students? Contact Krista Maddox at (513) 558-5229 or

International Friendship Program

This program provides the opportunity to give back and connect with current UC College of Nursing students. Just as the population of nurses is ever changing, so is our student population. Every year we are proud to introduce a cohort of incoming students with greater diversity in backgrounds, ethnicity and nationalities. While academically competitive, this diverse student population faces challenges when dealing with the nuances of culture in the United States particularly in the clinical setting. The International Friendship Program is designed to pair students who have learned English as a second language with alumni that are simply friends. Students will benefit greatly from getting to know another nurse. Having a friend to ask questions about the American culture can enhance student confidence with patient interaction and further their success in the nursing field. You are not expected to tutor nor supervise the students. We simply ask that you share your time, your story and your traditions with them. In return, you will get to learn about the student and his or her culture. Explore Cincinnati with them! Want to participate? Call (513) 558-3600 or email

College of Nursing Alumni Association

The College of Nursing Alumni Association is looking for alumni to join various committees which lead the efforts of the association. Each committee has a unique purpose as described below. If you would like to become involved with the College’s Alumni Association please contact Shelley Johnson, Program Director at (513) 556-6154 or

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for the selection of the annual Distinguished Alumni Award and Laura Rosnagle Alumni Service Award. These awards are presented each year at the Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee maintains the Wedbush Nursing Legacy Centre. Assist in finding and preserving all articles and documents of historical interest to the College. This committee provides a great opportunity for sharing the historical legacy of the College of Nursing with current students and visitors.

Scholarship Committee

Annually the Scholarship Committee selects the Laura E. Rosnagle Merit Scholarship recipients. It’s a great way to learn about the exciting work of some of our students and choose those who demonstrate great merit.

Development Committee

The Development Committee is charged with generating ideas and suggestions to enhance the donor base, donor giving, and major gifts to the College and to plan and implement fundraising for the Alumni Association of the College. The efforts of this committee go a long way in laying the foundation for future programs and opportunities.