Faculty Resources

The College of Nursing instructional designers in collaboration with Bonnie Brehm, PhD, RD, developed an online learning tool, primarily for undergraduate nursing students to build upon previous knowledge gained from two sophomore-level nutrition courses. This learning tool can be used as a learning activity in a face-to-face class or as an asynchronous online assignment. The tool consists of 12 interactive nutrition case studies along with resources, questions and answer keys.

Please schedule a meeting with one of the College of Nursing instructional designers if you would like to use one of the case studies in your course.

Click here to preview the case study videos.

(The case study videos are stored in SharePoint; therefore, if you are off campus you need to establish a VPN connection in order to view the case studies.)

Learning Outcomes:

  • To identify the patient’s nutrition-related problem based on assessment data
  • To make evidence-based recommendations for the prevention and treatment of an identified nutrition-related problem.

Overview of Case Studies:

Follow these persons (of varying age and ethnicity) as they encounter nutrition-related issues.

Trevor, 18-month-old Caucasian male

  • Case study 1: growth failure
  • Case study 2: food allergy

Mateo, 10-year-old Hispanic male

  • Case study 1: pediatric obesity
  • Case study 2: pediatric hypertension

Charlotte, 19-year-old Caucasian female

  • Case study 1: eating disorder
  • Case study 2: celiac disease

Lily, 35-year-old pregnant Asian American female

  • Case Study 1: pregnancy and lactation
  • Case Study 2: gestational diabetes

Melvin, 50-year-old African American male

  • Case Study 1: hypertension; dyslipidemia
  • Case Study 2: renal failure

Vivian, 75-year-old Caucasian female

  • Case Study 1: malnutrition
  • Case Study 2: cerebral vascular accident (dysphagia)