Exploring Aging & Older People

Image of Elderly Woman

Aging is a process that everyone experiences yet few embrace. We live in a society that favors youth over old age. When we ask younger generations to share descriptive terms about older people we typically hear one positive word (e.g., wise) for every 10 negative words (e.g., grumpy). To help people better understand aging we share the following information. 

Look Closer See Me

We invite you to preview and utilize our Generational Diversity and Sensitivity Training. The training modules are available free of charge and are accessible at www.LookCloserSeeMe.org. Many people working with older people may be well-intentioned, but lack knowledge and understanding that may contribute to their treating them inappropriately, overlooking needs or exacerbating situations. We find that people do the best they don’t know how to do. In other words, the overwhelming majority of professional and service workers do not purposefully take steps to deny, degrade or disparage older people. Instead, they lack awareness and understanding that comes from training and experience. 

This training provides essential information to help professionals and service workers better understand and interact with people age 60 and older. LOOK CLOSER, SEE ME is designed for those who, in their personal and professional roles, serve and support older people. There are five modules to the Look Closer See Me generational diversity and sensitivity training program. Each module has a run time of about 10 - 12 minutes. The modules are:

  1. Aging & Older People: Experiencing the Reality
  2. Aging & Function: Examining Impact on Daily Living
  3. Aging & Communication: Engaging Older People
  4. Aging & Change: Exploring Life Transitions
  5. Aging & Ethnicity: Embracing Cultural Differences

Educational Series

Understanding the aging process and addressing common age-related concerns can enhance safety and well-being. While most of the information on our website is intended for professionals and service workers, the following mini-series on Aging, Driving & Older People, and Medication Safety may also be helpful for older people and their family members. Click here to access the Educational Series.    

Gero Gems Series

The Gero Gems publications are intended primarily for professionals in health care and social services. Each publication covers a specific topic and provides resources and recommendations. These publications are learning tools and may be helpful as a refresher or review to enhance people’s understanding of aging-related issues. Click here to view the Gero Gems Series.