Suggested Users

The training is intended for those who serve and support older people in their role, job or profession. For example, people working in:

  • Aging & Social Services
  • Caregiving – Family & Professional
  • Customer Service
  • Delivery Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Faith-Based Communities
  • Financial Services (e.g., banking, insurance)
  • Government Services
  • Health Care
  • In-Home Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Professional Services (e.g., legal)
  • Retail
  • Retirement Communities
  • Transportation (e.g., Metro bus drivers, TSA)
  • Utilities

Frankly, anyone who interacts with older adults can benefit from the training. Our hope is to expose the training to as many people as possible. After all “SAFE after 60” is all about enhancing safety and preserving dignity.