The UC Nursing Advantage

At the UC College of Nursing, we are committed to collaboration and innovation. Our unique centers and partnerships provide resources and opportunities to students, faculty, staff and the community at large. We invite you to explore the opportunities available.

Nursing Students

iPad Initiative

While currently in its fourth year of student implementation at the UC College of Nursing, the iCoN initiative — the innovation of nursing education through the creative leveraging of iPads — has earned the college a two-year recognition as an Apple Distinguished Program for the 2014-16 academic years.

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Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning

The Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning unites the the Center for Academic Technologies and Educational Resources and the Instructional Design Center, both of which exist to support innovative pedagogical teaching strategies in both online and traditional classes. The Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning's purpose is to bridge best practices and enhance resources to provide a student-centered learning experience.

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Institute of Nursing Research & Scholarship

The Institute for Nursing Research and Scholarship supports the research and scholarship of faculty, staff and students in the College of Nursing who are interested in clinical practice research, translational science and evidence-based practice.

The Institute for Nursing Research and Scholarship's Center for Educational Research, Scholarship and Innovation fosters excellence in research and innovations that improve teaching and learning and educational outcomes in nursing using a team-based approach. It also provides the infrastructure to support the successful submission of program and training grants in the College of Nursing.

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Telehealth & Simulation

From robots to health care simulation, UC College of Nursing is engaging the community in innovative technological projects to provide competency-based learning and improve care provision in the future. The college has invested in telehealth technology and is incorporating remote presence robots into student courses and community-based settings in order to prepare students for the transformation of health care delivery and to ensure workforce readiness.

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Center for Aging with Dignity

The Center for Aging with Dignity is devoted to keeping people “SAFE After 60” by advocating for, advancing and developing best-practice programs on promoting safety and preventing mistreatment of older people. Recognizing that safety risks increase with age, we focus on enhancing the ability of professionals to empower older people, families and organizations to maximize heath, wellness and independence.

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Academic Health Center

The Academic Health Center is comprised of the College of Allied Health Sciences, College of Medicine, College of Nursing and the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy. The colleges of the Academic Health Center have a longstanding and close working relationship with several affiliates including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the Cincinnati Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Shriners Hospitals for Children–Cincinnati and UC Health.

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Cincinnati Regional Clinical Partners

Clinical experience is integral to our nursing programs. Students are offered a variety of experiences in over 300+ clinical settings and 750+ distance learning clinical facilities across the country. Family settings, hospitals, industries, clinics and community agencies offer experiences of care with patients in many stages of health and illness from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Our close proximity to several renowned hospitals, health care systems and medical centers is advantageous to student learning and provides ongoing opportunities for clinical experiences and collaboration.

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Living in Cincinnati

Going to school or working at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing most likely means you will be living in the Cincinnati area. The benefit of being at an urban university is that we share our borders with local businesses, residential neighborhoods, vulnerable populations, artist communities, medical centers, and city parks. You’ll find that our students are richly diverse in ethnicity, socio-economic levels, age, religion, sexual preference, political identity, life experience and worldview.

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