Rhodes State College

Most students will have completed the majority of the prerequisite courses in their associate degree program. If you haven't completed prerequisites, you are eligible for admission to the RN to BSN program immediately; however, successful completion of all prerequisite courses is required to obtain your Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Note: completing prerequisite courses while enrolled in the RN to BSN program could prolong the amount of time it takes to earn a degree.

Not all prerequisites are offered online at all times at the University of Cincinnati; however, those courses can be completed at any regionally accredited institution and transferred to UC to fulfill the requirements.

Required Courses
Semester Hours
Rhodes State College Equivalent
Statistics for Health Sciences
3 MATH 1260
Anatomy & Physiology
8 BIO 1110 & 1120
Microbiology 3 BIO 1400
Phsychology 3 Any Psychology or Sociology Course
Sociology 3 Any Sociology or Psychology Course
Freshman English 3 COM 1110
Intermediate English
3 COM 2400 or 3110
History Elective
3 Elective
Fine Arts or Humanities Elective
3 Elective
Cultural Diversity Elective 3 Elective