Cincinnati State

Transferable General Education Credits

Most students will have completed the majority of the pre-requisite requirements in their associate degree program. If not all pre-requisites are complete you may be admitted to begin the RN to BSN program immediately; however, successful completion of all pre-requisite courses is required to obtain the BSN degree. Completion of pre-requisites while enrolled in the RN to BSN program may prolong the time to degree. Not all pre-requisites are offered at the University of Cincinnati at all times in an online format. The pre-requisite courses can be completed at any regionally accredited institution and transferred to the University of Cincinnati to fulfill the requirement.

If you are a student at Cincinnati State, the following courses can be taken to satisfy the required pre-requisite courses for the RN to BSN program:

Required Courses Semester Hours Required
Cincinnati State Equivalency
Statistics for Health Sciences 3 MAT 131
Anatomy & Physiology 8 BIO 151 & 152
Microbiology 3 BIO 220
Psychology 3 PSY 110
Sociology 3 SOC 105
Freshman English 3 ENG 101
Intermediate English 3 ENG 102
History Elective 3 Any HIST Course
Fine Arts or Humanities Elective 3 Any FA or HU Course
Cultural Diversity Elective 3 Any DC Course