Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

The Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program prepares students for diagnosis and management of common and complex medical conditions in patients over the age of 13. These providers tasks include taking detailed health histories and making health assessments based on that data, promoting healthy lifestyle changes and helping patients manage chronic illnesses.

Certification & Career

Graduates of this major meet criteria for taking certification exams as Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioners or Medical-Surgical Clinical Nurse Specialists and have achieved an outstanding pass rate.

The nurse practitioner role is showing considerable growth. A certified NP may work for a physician group, seeing the patient in the office and following up in the hospital, or with a specialty group like cardiology, orthopedics or general practice. Graduates are employed in private practice, clinics, long-term care, home care and various occupational health settings as well as physician practice groups. Our graduates have achieved an outstanding pass rate on certification examinations, allowing every student to earn an APN job. Many are hired in the setting where they experience their last clinical, and opportunities often come by word of mouth.

More Information

Clinical Hours

Students spend a minimum of 504 practicum hours with NP or MD preceptors. Clinical placements are determined by students’ areas of interest and career goals. Practica hours may be completed in most geographical locations based on ability to meet course objectives.

Prior Experience

At least one year of RN work experience is preferred.

Program of Study

The program can be completed as reflected in the six-semester the schema. If you apply and are admitted to the program, you can discuss alternate schema options with an academic advisor and in consultation with the faculty advisor. Alternate options consider future course offerings, as well as an individual's best interests, to help students succeed in the program and on the certification exam.

Full-Time Semester Schema

  • Total Credit Hours: 44
  • Total Clinical Hours: 504
  • Total Laboratory Hours: 42

Some courses (indicated in the following schema) are offered on campus during certain semesters only, which could impact your plan of study and time to degree completion.

Enrollment in these courses will be based on the satisfactory completion of the required pre-requisite courses (if applicable). The ability to enroll in an in-person section of a course depends on the course meeting a minimum student enrollment requirement necessary to offer a course section.

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3

NURS 8004 (3 Credits)
Biostatistics for Evidence Based Practice

NURS 8022 (4 Credits)
Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology

NURS 8002 (3 Credits)
Theoretical Basis for Clinical Reasoning

NURS 8020C (3 Credits)
Advanced Health Assessment

3 Laboratory Hours per Week

NURS 8026* (3 Credits)
Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse

NURS 8024* (3 Credits)
Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice

Total Credits: 7 Total Credits: 6
Total Credits: 6
Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6

ANNP 8040 (2 Credits)
AGPC Practicum I – 112 Clinical Hours Total (About 8 Hours per Week)

ANNP 8050 (1 Credit)
Seminar I

NURS 8006 (3 Credits)
Research & Best Evidence for Clinical Reasoning

ANNP 8030 (3 Credits)
Clinical Management I

ANNP 8042 (3 Credits)
AGPC Practicum II – 168 Clinical Hours Total (About 12 Hours per Week)

ANNP 8052 (1 Credit)
AGPC Seminar II

AANP 8032 (3 Credits)
Clinical Management II

ANNP 8044* (4 Credits)
AGPC Practicum III – 224 Clinical Hours Total (About 16 Hours per Week)

ANNP 8054* (2 Credits)
AGPC Seminar III & Capstone

NURS 8008 (3 Credits)
Health Care Policy

Total Credits: 9
Total Credits: 7 Total Credits: 9

*Offered on campus in spring semesters
†Offered on campus in summer semesters
‡Offered on campus in fall semesters

Note: All future on-campus (face-to-face) course offerings are dependent on meeting minimum course enrollment requirements.


If you have specific questions about the program, contact the Office of Student Recruitment at 513-558-8400 or