Stories of Success

One common thing our students and alumni will agree on is that nursing school is tough.

But it's not impossible.

The UC College of Nursing offers numerous resources, programs and services to help ensure your success, including:

Hear from some of our alumni on how they overcame their unique challenges in nursing school and how they are making an impact in their communities today.

Meet our nurse leaders:

Sarah Cooper, BSN

Sarah Cooper

Did your parents attend college? No? Defy the odds as a first-generation student. Sarah Cooper did.

Sarah grew up in Adams County with no family expectation to attend college.

Going against the norms of her hometown she became one of only 10 students from her high school to attend college.

She did it. So can you.

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Deasa Dorsey, BSN

Deasa Dorsey

Want to give back to your community? Overcome obstacles to give back in your own way. Deasa Dorsey did.

Deasa wanted to become a nurse but couldn’t afford college tuition. A scholarship made UC College of Nursing an option.

But this didn’t make it easy.

Have you ever just wanted to give up? After failing a course that prevented her from graduating with her class, she wanted to give up on nursing. But she didn’t quit.

She graduated the following year and went on to become a nurse care manager at a local hospital.

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Michael Torok, RN, MSN, MBA

Michael Torok

Men in nursing? Pursue your passion and succeed. Michael Torok did.

Michael served more than six years in the military before choosing to pursue a nursing education at UC.

“In the past, there was a stereotype of males going in to nursing — I was a rough and tough infantry man so not necessarily your typical nurse.”

With a disregard for meaningless stereotypes, he followed his passion: nursing.

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