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Students with iPads

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What is the iPad Requirement?

The iPad requirement is an initiative to enrich the nursing education experience through the use of iPads. This undertaking has involved changing the way content is delivered in the classroom, skills and simulation setting, and clinical setting. The iPad facilitates content generation, collaboration and communication both online and onsite for both students and faculty. 

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What is the benefit of the iPad requirement for students?

The iPad requirement contributes to your education by providing:

  • More meaningful learning experiences
  • Enhanced student services
  • Significant textbook savings
  • More effective note-taking capabilities
  • Portability: easily carry all of your nursing resources with you all the time
  • Students’ and faculty’s ability to instantly generate and share media rich content
  • Multiple uses: no need to buy a separate camera, digital recorder, calculator, PRS clicker, etc. 
  • Extended use: long battery life allows you to make it through the day without charging

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Are graduate students required to purchase iPads? 

The current iPad requirement applies to all BSN students as well as DNP students.

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Does the College of Nursing have funding available for students who can't afford an iPad?

We are sensitive that an iPad is a financial investment for you. Therefore, we are working extremely hard to make sure that it is an investment that increases your success as a student and a nurse. 

While we don't have funding specifically allocated for iPads, they qualify for financial aid, the same as textbooks do. Should you have extenuating circumstances, be sure to speak with your advisor.

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Will students be required to purchase e-texts or can students buy print versions?

Students will have the choice of which textbook type to purchase. Students are not required to purchase e-texts, however, the College of Nursing has standardized an e-text platform and an associated app should you choose to purchase e-texts, which are recommended. We also recommend that Freshmen students choose at least one course to familiarize yourself with the e-text format.

The benefits of purchasing e-texts include:

  • advanced note-taking
  • electronic highlighting
  • improved search functionality
  • helpful flash card generation
  • significant cost-savings: the typical cost-savings for e-texts is approximately 40 – 60% off the cost of the print version. In addition, many e-texts provide rental options which offer even more significant savings.

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Will students be able to take their iPad mini to clinical sites? 

Tablet computing use, including devices such as the iPad, is currently being explored by health care organizations. Therefore, the ability to take the iPad to a clinical site will vary based on the organization. The College of Nursing is actively engaging our clinical site partners to leverage the iPad in the clinical setting. From a clinical site perspective the iPad mini provides the following key advantages:

  • Allows the College of Nursing to design standardized content, assignments and apps for the iPad mini
  • Offers improved infection management
  • Immediate access to nursing reference material

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Are there volume discounts for Apps?

There will be a combination of free and paid apps that are both required and highly recommended. The university does receive a 50% discount through the Apple App Volume Purchasing Program. Therefore, most of the required paid apps will be provided free of charge to students via the College of Nursing app store. This provides significant cost-savings over the course of your education. In addition, the College of Nursing currently provides your nursing reference materials, saving you several hundred dollars.

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Are there apps that I will be required to purchase?

Just as faculty currently may assign an external online experience, case study or textbook for purchase, a faculty member may require or recommend a specific app for class. This will be dependent on the individual faculty members teaching the class.

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Should I purchase a warranty for my iPad?

When purchasing your iPad, please consider warranty options. We have provided a few for you here:

  • Apple offers a warranty (AppleCare+) for iPads that provides coverage for 2 years. Please visit their website for details regarding coverage and cost.
  • Squaretrade offers a warranty for 2 or 3 years. Details regarding coverage and cost can be found on their website.
  • Safeware is sold online as well as in the TUC Bookstore (main campus). Depending on which plan you decide to purchase, this warranty can provide coverage from 2 to 4 years. Please visit their website or the TUC Bookstore for details explaining coverage and cost.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of iPad warranties available.

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What if my iPad breaks?

When purchasing an iPad from Apple, you receive one year of hardware repair coverage and 90 days of telephone technical support. Should you choose, you can purchase AppleCare+ for iPad, which gives you two years of repair coverage and technical support from the original purchase date of your iPad. And it adds coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage due to handling of your iPad (this includes screen breakage), each subject to Apple's defined service fee plus applicable tax. Apple certified repairs can be done through the UC bookstore in Tangeman University Center, at any Apple-authorized service provider, or by sending the device to Apple for support. You can view options here. If you do not have AppleCare+, you will be responsible for any repairs needed outside of the one-year warranty.

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What if I already have an iPad?

Because the iPad is deeply integrated into the curriculum and clinical site experience at the College of Nursing, it is crucial that you own a functioning iPad. We are sensitive to the fact that you may have already made an investment in this device. Any model iPad that can be updated to the latest version of iOS is acceptable. We recommend an iPad with at least 128GB of storage, although 64GB will be sufficient. We do not recommend any iPad with 32GB or less of storage.

Will the faculty really use the iPad in courses?

The college's vision is "through the creative leveraging of the technology, UC College of Nursing will lead the transformation of health care in partnership informed by the people we serve," and all of our faculty and staff are committed to this vision. Faculty members have participated in our iPad Institute during which they received two days of intensive use and application training. Here are few examples of how the iPads are employed in the classroom:

  • Course content has been designed in iBook format to leverage the capabilities of the iPad and provide advanced note taking and study tools for students
  • All classrooms and collaboration spaces are equipped with AppleTV(s) to allow you to AirPlay (wirelessly send your iPad image to the projector or screen) - this will enhance collaboration and support active learning
  • Courses embrace the use of eTexts to both decrease costs incurred by students and to employ interactive technological features not offered by physical textbooks.
  • iPads are used in place of the personal response system clickers (PRS), details about app subscription purchase will be provided in your packet.
  • A variety of apps are used to facilitate active learning activities.
  • Select assignments integrate apps and require content creation on the iPad.

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