iPad Recommendations

Students holding iPads

iCoN Recommendations

In order to maintain a cost-efficient mind-set, we have a few recommendations for you:

1. Do not purchase any eTexts or physical textbooks before orientation.

We highly recommend that you wait until consulting with your instructor or syllabus before purchasing any texts or eTexts, as some faculty members will require the eText versions. 

If you have any questions, the correct texts and process of obtaining them will be covered at orientation, in addition to how to download and purchase the supplemental packages, platforms and software that students may need. At orientation, we will walk you through the eText purchasing process, so if you choose, be sure to bring a credit/debit card in order to follow along and buy your first eText during orientation.

2. Take advantage of free apps.

iCoN was designed with the intention of creating a community of students and faculty around a set of standardized apps. In doing so, the College of Nursing will provide you with a suite of free apps that will be deployed to students during orientation. We recommend that you do not purchase these before orientation so as to not spend money on an app that may be given to you for free by the college. Note that the suite of apps is evaluated on a regular basis and is subject to change. However, Angry Birds, and similar apps, will not be part of the standardized suite, so if you choose to purchase those ahead of time – go for it!

Here is the current suite of apps we recommend: 

  • Provided by Apple with a brand new iPad
    • Pages
    • Keynote
    • Numbers
    • iMovie
    • iPhoto
  • Free Apps
    • iTunes U
    • iBooks
    • TED
    • QR Code Reader
    • Evernote
    • Skitch
  • Provided by UC (Do not download until orientation.)
    • Collaborate
    • Nursing Central
    • Jot! Whiteboard
    • Lynda
    • iAnnotate
    • Blackboard Mobile Learn
    • iThoughtsHD
    • VMware View (Windows on iPad)
    • Kaltura
Remember, this list is subject to change.