iPad Requirement

Nursing student with an iPad

As part of our iCoN initiative, the College of Nursing has changed the way we deliver content in the classroom, skills and simulation laboratory, and clinical settings, in a way that allows students and faculty to better collaborate and communicate. This initiative relates to our efforts to improve learning outcomes and, ultimately, prepare more job-ready, tech-savvy nurses.

Learn more about the iCoN initiative, which earned the college the designation of Apple Distinguished Program for the 2014-16 and 2016-18 academic years:

iPad Requirement

The college requires BSN students to purchase an iPad or iPad Mini with 128GB of storage.

With the iPad, students receive:

  • About $170 worth of e-textbooks (previously required for students to purchase)
  • Nearly $100 worth of interactive apps
  • The option to purchase or lease e-textbooks (a less expensive alternative to hard copies of textbooks)
  • Set-up instructions and iPad training during student orientation
  • Tech support from our in-house Center for Academic Technologies and Educational Resources (CATER) Helpdesk

Note: Like textbooks, the iPad qualifies for financial aid funding.

Because students purchase their iPad, it is theirs to keep and use in the classroom and at clinical sites. We continue to work with clinical sites to incorporate the iPad in real-world practice, as technology in the workplace is the future of health care.

We are  building a community of nurse leaders, and we're exited for our students who are a part of it.


For more information, email caterhelp@uc.edu or call (513)558-5205.