James A. Rhodes State College

Equivalent Prerequisite Courses at Rhodes State Community College
Required Courses
Semester Hours
Rhodes State Equivalent
Statistics for Health Sciences
3 MATH 1260
Anatomy & Physiology
8 BIO 1110 & 1120
Microbiology 3 BIO 1400
Psychology or Sociology
3 PSY 1010 or SOC 1010
Psychology or Sociology 3 BHS 2110
Freshman English 3 COM 1110
Intermediate English
3 COM 2400 or 3110
History Elective
3 Elective
Fine Arts or Humanities Elective
3 Elective
Cultural Diversity Elective 3 Elective

Courses labeled "elective" are general education courses that are part of the RN-BSN program. You can apply and start the RN-BSN program before you complete these general education courses; however, these courses are required to graduate with a BSN.