Family Nurse Practitioner

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program prepares nurses to diagnose and manage common and complex medical conditions in children and adults.

Certification & Career

Graduates are eligible to sit for either of the national certification exams for family nurse practitioner certification. Because graduates of the FNP program acquire experience in a wide variety of clinical settings, many job opportunities are available. Common settings include private practice, health departments, rural or hospital clinics and many others.

Prior Experience

At least one year of RN work experience is preferred. We encourage students to have excellent assessment skills at the generalist level before undertaking advanced practice, and offer a part-time program option to allow nurses to continue working while gaining valuable skills.

Clinical Hours

Students spend a minimum of 672 hours of clinical time with experienced preceptors from all specialties. Preceptors work one-on-one with students, guiding them through clinical hours.


The program can be completed as reflected in the schema, or at a slower pace with the guidance and approval of a faculty advisor. Full-time students can complete the program in five semesters. Part-time students can determine their own pace.

Some courses (indicated in the following schema) are offered on campus only during certain semesters, which could impact your plan of study and time to degree completion.

Enrollment in these courses will be based on the satisfactory completion of the required prerequisite courses (if applicable). The ability to enroll in an in-person section of a course depends on the course meeting a minimum student enrollment requirement necessary to offer a course section.

  • Total Credit Hours: 50
  • Total Clinical Hours: 672
  • Total Laboratory Hours: 42
Full-Time Semester Schema
Semester 1
Semester 2 Semester 3

NURS 8004 (3 Credits)
Biostatistics for Evidence-Based Practice

NURS 8022*** (4 Credits)
Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology

NURS 8002 (3 Credits)
Theoretical Basis for Clinical Reasoning

NURS 8006 (3 Credits)
Research & Best Evidence for Clinical Reasoning

NURS 8020C*** (3 Credits)
Advanced Health Assessment

3 Laboratory Hours/Week

NURS 8026* (3 Credits)
Differential Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse

NURS 8024* (3 Credits)
Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice

ANNP 8060 (3 Credits)
Care of Well Women & Children

Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6

ANNP 8070** (3 Credits)
FNP Practicum I

ANNP 8080** (1 Credit)
FNP Seminar I

ANNP 8030*** (3 Credits)
Clinical Management I

ANNP 8072*** (4 Credits)
FNP Practicum II

ANNP 8082*** (1 Credit)
FNP Seminar II

ANNP 8032* (3 Credits)
Clinical Management II

ANNP 8074* (5 Credits)
FNP Practicum III

ANNP 8084* (2 Credits)
Seminar III & Capstone

NURS 8008 (3 Credits)
Health Care Policy

*Offered on campus in spring semesters
**Offered on campus in summer semesters
***Offered on campus in fall semesters


If you have specific questions about the program, contact the Office of Student Recruitment at 513-558-8400 or